Imperial Systems Abort Gate Picture


Imperial Systems Abort Gate Picture

Check out this awesome picture of one of our abort gates after installation!

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Imperial System’s Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays everybody,

listed here is our upcoming holiday hours:

December 23rd- Normal Office Hours, 8am – 5pm
December 24th- Office open from 7am to noon.
December 25th- Office Closed
December 26th- Office Closed
December 27th- Office Closed
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December 31st- Office Closed
January 1st- Office Closed

If you need to order replacement dust collector filters, please give us a call before the end of the week. Thanks and have a great holiday!

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DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters Exceed Expectations at Welding Technology Program

About the School: Located in northern Texas, the Community College offers comprehensive two-year educational programs – including welding technology. The school offers Associate of Art, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science Degrees.

Challenge: The Welding Technology Program was interested in more cost effective cartridge filters for their Lincoln Statiflex 6000 dust collector.

Solution: In the summer of 2013, while making daily cold calls to businesses in the industrial realm, the Imperial Systems aftermarket member was able to strike a sale with the community college. While talking with the instructor of the Welding Technology Program, the aftermarket member found out that the school was shopping around for replacement dust collector cartridge filters for the upcoming school year. Due to the budget, it was a top priority that the filters were cost effective and reliable.

After reviewing the DeltaMAXX filter literature and cross-referencing the filters on Imperial System’s website, the welding technology instructor pulled the trigger and purchased four DeltaMAXX Replacement Cartridge filters for the upcoming school year.

Outcome: After running the filters in the dust collector for the fall semester, the welding school instructor was “really impressed” with the DeltaMAXX Replacement Dust Collector Filters.

“The System is running very smooth, not much back blow. When turning on the dust collector in the past we have had problems with smoke blowing out of the back. That problem went away when we installed the DeltaMAXX filters”, said the Texas welding school instructor.

“Imperial Systems’ dust collector filters are very durable and they are lasting much longer for us. My expectations were exceeded and you can count on us to be a returning customer.”

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DeltaMAXX Replacement Dust Collector Filters Clean Up Nicely in the Metal Industry.

Imperial Systems DeltaMAXX dust collector filters have proven their worth in the metal industry. Built for longevity with premium quality and endurance, the Deltamaxx cartridge dust collector filters deliver twice the service life, ultra-clean air, and unparalleled cost savings. The DeltaMAXX, no matter how challenging the operation conditions, sets the new standard of excellence for dust collector filters.

The DeltaMAXX’s unique NanoFiber Filtration Technology, incorporating a very fine surface layer of synthetic fibers to prevent particulates from embedding into the media, provides the industry’s highest ASHRAE MERV efficiency rating. In controlled Mass Emission tests, the revolutionary Imperial product pulsed 94% less- and emitted 97% less contaminant – when pitted against major category brands.

DeltaMAXX Replacement dust collector filters are manufactured directly for the metal industry. Whether the work includes taming smoke from welding, plasma cutting, thermal spray, or CNC cutting machines, among many other processes, DeltaMAXX replacement dust collector filters are made to endure these tough metal fabrication fumes.

Imperial Systems is your dust collector and industrial ventilation expert. The company designs, installs, and services complete systems, all backed by products and replacement parts that are constructed for optimal quality, safety, and value. Whether your work includes smoke from welding, plasma cutting, thermal spray, or carpentry, Imperial Systems has the dust collector to fill your needs.

Check out our DeltaMAXX Replacement Dust Collector Filters.

Laser and Plasma Table Dust Collector


Laser table dust collector


Imperial Systems’ CMAXX ‘Laser’ Dust Collector for Laser and Plasma Cutting Tables

The CMAXX Laser comes completely wired from the factory, meaning all you need to do is plug it in and push start. The Laser features standard CMAXX qualities like tool-free filter access, tool-free filter change outs, 3/16” plate and 10 gauge carbon steel construction; while it also includes a fan silencer rated for 75 dba MAX for optimal noise reduction. This patented technology allows for equal filter cleaning along the wall of the filter cartridge. The CMAXX Laser comes equipped with DeltaMAXX fire retardant filters. This technology, paired with the DeltaMAXX filters, can increase filter life up to two times the standard. The filters are also protected by an inlet spark trap specially designed for laser table cutting systems.

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Check out Imperial Systems week in pictures at Fabtech 2013

nbFabtech 2013 was a huge success for Imperial Systems. Check out our CMAXX dust collection systems placed all over the show.