The Basic Components of Dust Control Technology


The Basic Components of Dust Control Technology

Dust control technology is an essential part of any manufacturing facility that works with metal, chemicals, wood, or any other material that generates fine particulates and dangerous fumes. Not only do dust collection systems bring you significant savings in money and time that you would otherwise spend on cleaning and maintaining your machinery, but they also help in your efforts to ensure a safe environment for your employees as well as your neighbors. Fortunately for everyone in our communities, dust control technology is steadily improving the way in which we keep our air and water safe from materials that cause serious health problems and damage to the environment.dust control technology

At Imperial Systems, we stress the importance of a strong, comprehensive approach to maintaining a workplace safe from harmful fumes and dust particles. While we understand that not every business is prepared to replace existing systems with the latest and best dust control equipment, we work with our customers to maximize the efficiency of current systems. In order to make the most of any system, new or old, it is important to understand the basic components of dust control technology, so you can be sure your facility has everything it needs to keep your employees safe.

Dust Control Technology: The Cutting Edge of Industrial Safety

  • The CMAXX Dust Collector System saves both energy and space with its vertical cartridge design and Pulse Distribution (PD) technology, extending the life of your cartridge filters up to twice as long as other systems. Its slanted inlet design and lack of external bolts helps to prevent water and air from leaking or building up on the bolts.
  • DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters, along with DeltaMAXX Filter Bags and Cartridge Filter Overbags, are designed with NanoFiber technology to capture fine particulates and facilitate the easy pulsing off of dust with your system’s built-in cleaning functions. Even if you do not have a CMAXX system, we have cartridge filters that can fit any existing system, so you can capture the most dust in the most efficient way possible.
  • Heavy Duty Abort Gates are used in a variety of industrial applications for detecting leaks or sparks in your ducts. If a burning ember or flame is detected, the gate will prevent it from entering the dust collector system. When a leak is detected in one of your filter bags, the abort gate will redirect the flow of air toward a safe location.

Other crucial components of good dust control systems include:

  • Airlocks
  • Slidegates
  • Various duct components
  • Backdraft dampers
  • Diverter Valves

Every company has a unique set of needs for their dust control technology, so we encourage you to contact us for a quote. We look forward to helping you determine what you need to optimize or upgrade your current dust collection systems in order to provide a cleaner and safer environment for your employees and your community.


Professional Air Filters: The Difference Your Choice Can Make

As a manufacturing business, you have already put some serious thought into managing the dust and fumes created by your day-to-day processes.  You probably have an industrial air filtration system in place.  While the system works well, nothing is perfect; you find yourself wondering how it could be improved.  After all, such clean air seems to come at a high price of operational costs and frequent servicing.  Is there a better way?

Changing Your Professional Air Filters

Before you jump to replacing your entire system, however, consider the difference simply changing your filters can make.  Professional air filters, while all working towards the same end of trapping dust and other harmful particulates from the air you would otherwise breathe, do so with varying efficiency.  Simply upgrading to a better filter can make a world of difference in the overall performance of your filtration system.  Check out these three ways the DeltaMAXX professional air filter cartridges outshines competitors and improves your system’s performance.

Three DeltaMAXX Differences

1. Lower Costsprofessional air filters

What if you could significantly lower the overall costs of running your dust collection system without reducing the quality of its work?  It sounds too good to be true, but with the DeltaMAXX professional air filters from Imperial Systems, you can have this and more.  With up to twice the filter life of standard filters, the DeltaMAXX offers significant savings in its longevity.  This is made possible with the industry’s best surface loading technology and nanofiber coating, which keeps dust from becoming embedded in the filter media.

2. Cleaner Air

Quality isn’t lost in the reduced operational costs of the DeltaMAXX professional air filters, though.  In fact, with a MERV 15 filtration efficiency, it offers the best clean in the industry, up to 99.9% efficiency for .3 to .5 micron.  The DeltaMAXX filters are made to fit all makes and models of industrial air filtration systems, too, so you can access this higher quality filtration without replacing the larger unit.

3. Easier Maintenance

Finally, save time as well as money with the easier maintenance of these professional air filters.  First and foremost, their longer filter life means fewer cessations of production for replacement.  And when you do need to order new filters, have confidence that Imperial Systems can typically ship these out within 24 hours.  With more durable design and less pulse cleaning, you can have confidence that these filters are built to last.

For more information about the way DeltaMAXX filter cartridges can change the way your manufacturing business manages dust and fumes, contact us today!

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The Importance of Air Purification Service

As the name implies, air purification service provides you and your company with purified air. But what does this really mean for you? Depending on what your company manufactures, there could be an unbelievable amount of particles and fumes in the air of your workplace. Some fields of manufacturing are especially conducive to the build up of contaminated air, but the list of markets servedis almost limitless because every industry has some degree of air purification needs. An Air purification service provides the installation of air purification equipment and systems into your workplace, which can make all the difference regarding the quality of the air you breathe. Here are a few reasons why you should care about the quality of your air.air purification service

3 Reasons Why You Need Air Purification Service:

  1.    To protect your employees. Untreated air can potentially cause serious health issues.Polluted air does not only increase symptoms of problems like asthma and allergies, but can actually cause such problems. In fact, over ninety percent of all respiratory illnesses originate from polluted air. While you and your employees are spending a workweeks amount of time in your workplace, it is to everyone’s best interest to ensure that you’re breathing pure air.
  2.    To maintain the efficiency of your work. First of all, unhealthy employees are not going to be the most effective workers.On top of this, polluted air is not conducive to the proficiency of your workplace itself. Air filled with dust will necessitate extra cleaning and maintenance, which just takes more time and energy from your team. In addition, air filled with dust and fumes can also potentially damage equipment. An air purification service is necessary in order to avoid inefficient equipment or even equipment repairs or replacements.
  3.    To save money. Air purification saves you money by allowing efficient work (due to healthier employees) to breed successful business. Also, equipment repairs and replacements as well as general maintenance costs can often be big financial setbacks. These setbacks can be more consistently avoided with a well-maintained workplace, which starts with pure air.

Now that you understand the importance of air purification services, look no further than Imperial Systems for your air purification needs! As our mission statement explains, we strive to be the best in air purification services. With our top-notch equipment and commitment to our customers, we guarantee quality results, which are backed by our generous warranties. If you’re interested in avoiding the problems that come with polluted air, contact us today and request a quote.

Industrial Dust Collector Filters: Cleaning Vs. Replacing

Industrial dust collector filters are crucial in a wide variety of industries, and DeltaMAXX has been shown repeatedly to be the top of the line brand of filter that our clients can trust. Our filters have over a ninety-nine percent efficiency rate for collection of 0.3 to 0.4 micron particles, and with the nanofibers at half the size of those of our competitors, they are the industry’s most efficient cartridge dust collector filters. With a significantly longer life expectancy and reduced outlet emissions, our filters will not only prove to be a wise investment from a financial standpoint, but they will also give you and everyone in your workplace a reason to be confident in the efficiency and safety provided by your dust collection system.If you’re looking for information on cleaning or replacing your industrial dust collector filters, Imperial Systems can help you make an educated decision about the equipment you need.

At Imperial Systems we understand that monitoring the performance of your dust collector is not usually at the top of your priority list, as you have many other responsibilities to fulfill and customers to satisfy. For that reason, we have made it one of our priorities to make it simple for our clients to stay on top of maintaining their dust collectors in prime working condition. One way we do this is by making it easy for you to install your replacement filters quickly and hassle free. We check up on our customers on a regular basis, so when the time comes to switch out your industrial dust collector filters, we can have them delivered to you before you need them.

Can We Clean Our Industrial Dust Collector Filters Instead of Replacing Them?

Some of our clients have asked us about cleaning their filters to cut back on the frequency of replacing them. All industrial dust collection filters must be replaced at some point, but naturally, everyone wants to extend the lifespan of their filters in order to save money. Unfortunately, we have no reason to believe that you can actually cut down on your expenses by cleaning your dust collector filters, as opposed to ordering replacements. In addition, and more importantly, if you remove the filter and attempt to have it cleaned in-house or by a third party, you may jeopardize the integrity of the nanofibers on your filters, which can lead to more problems and additional costs in the long run.

Here are just a few reasons why we encourage our customers to stick with replacing their filters on a regular basis instead of having their used filters cleaned:

  • With our cleaning processes built into your dust collection system, you can extend the life of your industrial dust collector filters.
  • The nano-sized interfiber pores in our filters allows caked dust to fall off easily with a reverse pulse cleaning system.
  • If you remove and clean your filters, our emission statement is null and void, and it cannot be used for DEP/OSHA permits.

Contact us if you have any questions about our DeltaMAXX filters or dust collection systems in general. We look forward to helping you maximize the efficiency and safety of your dust collection system without any hassle.


Four Surprising Ways Imperial Systems is Changing Industrial Air Filters as You Know Them

Manufacturing companies like yours know the many challenges that come with the businesses of creating, recycling, and processing. Not least of these is the need to keep workspace air and surfaces free of dust and fumes that could become dangerous to workers and equipment alike. But as you strive to stay within health and safety codes, you’ve probably found that some air filtration systems are almost as much of a hassle as the dust itself.

Four Surprising Ways Imperial Systems is Changing Industrial Air Filters as You Know Them

1. Longer Lasting Industrial Air Filters industrial air filters

Replacing your industrial air filters can be a drain on your business’s time and resources. In addition to the cost of replacement filter, production is likely halted until the new filter is installed.  Instead,  imagine having to go through this process half as often as you do now. Imagine the time–not to mention the money–saved by a longer lasting filter.

The DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters offer this kind of significant savings. Using advanced nanofiber technology, dust particles do not end up embedded in the filter media below, meaning less cleaning and up to twice the filter life of the industry standard.

2. Increased Efficiency

The DeltaMAXX industrial air filters from Imperial Systems also offer the best efficiency in the industry, achieving MERV 15 filtration efficiency. This is made possible through the highest quality pleated media, which offers 99.9% efficiency on .3 to .5 micron. A higher efficiency filter means more than simply cleaner air; it also means an extended filter life and lower operational costs.

3. Ease of Use

These industrial air filters are designed to to be user-friendly. Dust easily pulses off the NanoFiber covering because it resists becoming embedded in the media, so cleaning does not need to happen as often as on standard filters. Furthermore, because they are designed for all makes and models of cartridge dust collection systems, you can upgrade your filtration without changing out your existing system. These filters can typically be shipped out within 24 hours, so production need not be held up in the interim.

4. Quality Customer Service

In addition to quick shipping, the customer service with Imperial Systems stands out for its dedication to quality, value, and safety. Whether you are simply searching for replacement industrial air filters, or seeking to upgrade your entire system, they will work with you to find the best solution for the particular needs of your business. Even after you have found just the right product, you are not left on your own; Imperial Systems’ field crews are trained to service and install air filtration systems all over the US and Canada. Call us for quick, professional and affordable service!

3 Things to Expect from an Industrial Dust Collector Company

When you choose an industrial dust collector company, your top three concerns are the health of your employees, the cost efficiency of your dust collection equipment, and your ability to comply with workplace standards and environmental regulations. You need to meet a minimum standard to keep your business up and running, but success comes from more than just getting by on the bare minimum requirements. Quite often, more expensive costs up front can save you bigger losses in the long run, so it is important to understand how your industrial dust collector company can help you make the best long term investment.

Good customer service includes:industrial dust collector company

  • Punctuality
  • Consumer education
  • Simplified ordering processes
  • Customized service

When all of these aspects are provided simultaneously, that’s when you know you are getting truly great service from your industrial dust collection company. Imperial Systems believes that building a relationship with each of our clients is about much more than business transactions; in fact, we believe we are partners in contributing to safer workplaces, a clean environment, and a healthy economy.

If you are considering an upgrade to your dust collection system, or if you want to order your replacement air filters, it may be time for you to ask if you are getting the best possible service from your current industrial dust collector service.

What You Should Look For in Your Industrial Dust Collector Company

As you evaluate your existing dust collection system and the service that your current company provides, remember the following three criteria for determining the quality and cost efficiency of the service you receive:

  1. Superior equipment, which includes the best available filter technology in addition to the most advanced dust collection machinery. Imperial System’s CMAXX Dust Collector and Laser Fume Extraction Systems are the best in class, use less energy, take up less space, and prolong the life of your filters. Our DeltaMAXX NanoFiber Filters are also the best in the industry, offering up to twice the life expectancy of other filters.
  2. Compatibility with other systems is an important consideration if your company is not quite ready to upgrade your machinery, but you want a more advanced filtration system, or if you need stronger filters in order to meet OSHA and DEP requirements. We offer NanoFiber filters that fit your system, and we can work with you to make this a cost efficient investment.
  3. Thorough and thoughtful service, including regular contact from your company to check on system performance, reminders about when you need replacement filters, and helpful advice for saving costs and maximizing system efficiency.

Contact Imperial Systems today to find out more about how we can help you achieve a cleaner and safer workplace, while saving money and avoiding hassles in the long run. You deserve more from your industrial dust collector company, so discover the difference that Imperial Systems can bring to your business.


Three Reasons it’s Time to Invest in an Industrial Air Filtration System

Of the many challenges in the manufacturing world, dust is one of the most persistent.  Although the particulates are tiny, they can pile up to become a huge problem. Not only do they threaten the health and safety of workers, but they also pose a threat to your equipment and workspace.  An industrial air filtration system, however, can help you improve the safety and air quality of your space.  And unlike filtration systems of the past, highly efficient and long-lasting options are now available.  For these reasons and more, it’s time to invest in an industrial air filtration system.

Three Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Industrial Air Filtration System

1. Health and Safety Mattersindustrial air filtration system

The abundance of dust created in most manufacturing processes lingers in the air, even as it piles up on surfaces around your workspace.  Whether you are working with metals, organic material, or fiberglass, this dust can become a hazard to the health of your employees.  Even beyond concerns about breathing in the airborne dust, you also need to consider the danger accumulated dust can pose to your machinery.  OSHA and other legislation mandate that you, as the employer, are responsible for ensuring a healthy working environment for your employees, and an industrial air filtration system can help you do that.

2. A Better Industrial Air Filtration System Is Out There

The old industrial air filtration systems of the past, while putting a dent in dust problems, could not offer a fully effective solution.  However, the CMAXX Dust Collector System from Imperial Systems  uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the most efficient filtration.  Its vertical cartridge design and PD technology promise up to twice the filter life of the industry standard.  The CMAXX system also offers increased cleaning power without skyrocketing your energy bill; it is designed with energy efficient, high performance manifold mounted pulse valves.  Not only is this system the best in class for cleaning efficiency, but it is also easy to use and constructed to resist wear.

3. Your System Comes with Service

While other manufacturers may simply sell you an industrial air filtration system, Imperial Systems offers you a partner in the task of dust management.  Their highly-trained representatives work with you to find a solution that resolves your problems in an innovative and practical way.  And once that solution is found, field crews can install and service your system, wherever you are in the US or Canada.  Most importantly, Imperial Systems is dedicated to providing you with quality, safety, and value for your manufacturing business every step of the way.
With all of these reasons, why wait any longer to install, or upgrade your industrial air filtration system today? Contact Imperial Systems today to get started.

The Clear Professional Fume Extraction Solution

If you are a manufacturing business searching for a way to eliminate noxious fumes and gases created in processing, welding, recycling, or other operations, it’s time to establish a professional fume extraction solution.  However, with a variety of options on the market, you likely have questions about fume extraction systems and how to choose the right one for your business.

Why Do I Need Fume Extraction?professional fume extraction solution

Dangerous fumes and gases are often created in industrial manufacturing processes.  Instead of letting this accumulate in your workspace, causing potential hazards to employees and equipment, a fume extraction system can provide safe, clean air that is easier to breathe and falls within legislated safe working environment standards.  Additionally, removing dust and fumes early on can help to cut down on product contamination and unnecessary downtime in production.

How Does a Fume Extraction System Work?

A fume extraction system removes noxious dust, gases, and fumes from the air you would otherwise be breathing.  With an advanced filtration system, it draws in shop air, running it through a tightly woven filter media that traps the impurities before releasing cleaner, safer air.

What’s My Best Option?

One of the best professional fume extraction solutions on the market is the CMAXX Laser and Plasma fume extraction system.  With the best cleaning efficiency and longest filter life in the industry, this system stands out for its outstanding service at a sustainable price. It achieves this efficiency with its 100% total pulse distribution across an advanced NanoFiber filter.

Is It Difficult to Use?

The CMAXX Fume extraction system is straightforward to use.  It comes pre-wired and ready to run.  You don’t need tools to access to change the filter.  Instead, just wire, add compressed air, and press start to begin transforming your workspace atmosphere.

Who Can I Trust for a Professional Fume Extraction Solution?

In addition to offering one of the best professional fume extraction solutions on the market, Imperial Systems stands out for offering more than just a system.  Instead, they provide the chance to create a personalized solution based on the actual needs of your business, instead of a one-size-fits-all product.  Once they have a professional fume extraction solution designed, Imperial Systems’ field crews will help with installation and maintenance, making sure that their system leaves you breathing easier from start to finish.

More Questions?

If you have further questions about a professional fume extraction solution or the CMAXX system, contact Imperial Systems today.