Dust Control Systems Offered by Imperial Systems


Dust Control Systems Offered by Imperial Systems

Imperial Systems is a dust control company that wants to partner with you in your endeavor to keep a clean and healthy workplace. As our slogan suggests, we champion quality, safety, and value. By partnering with us, we are confident that you will experience all three of those positive characteristics.

One of the conveniences of working with us is that we offer a variety of dust control systems because we realize that there are a variety of industrial manufacturing processes that require different types of dust control. Whether you’re working with wood or metal, welding or cutting, we have the systems necessary for the purity of the air in your workplace. Take a look at the dust control systems that we offer.

Five Dust Control Systems from Imperial: dust control systems

  1.    CMAXX Dust Collector System: The CMAXX is one of our most popular systems because of  it’s long filter life and extraordinary efficiency. The technology that went into the design for this system has yielded the most cleaning power in the industry and all that punch is packed into a compact design that will save you space. The vertical cartridge design and lack of external bolt holes means more efficiency and less potential problems. This dust control system is recommended for metal cutting, welding, shot blasting, fiberglass processes, food processing, foundry work, mining, and woodworking.
  2.    CMAXX Laser Fume Extraction System: This system comes ready to do work. Because it is pre-wired in the factory, you don’t have much more to do than push start. When it comes time to do anything more than that, the filter access doesn’t even necessitate tools, making filter changes a breeze. This system is recommended for laser and plasma cutting.
  3.    BRF Baghouse Dust Collector: The baghouse is built for durability. With hardy construction and strong welds, you can expect a reliable performance. For your safety, this system is assembled with explosion proof electric motors and large access platforms and easy top access are convenient features. This system is recommended for grain dust collection, fiberglass dust collection, mining, and woodworking.
  4.    Cyclone Dust Collectors: These dust control systems are available in standard efficiency (120 CFM to 8,000 CFM), high efficiency (7,000 CFM to 45,000 CFM), and ultrahigh efficiency (2,000 CFM to 13,000 CFM). Each is manufactured with hardy, reliable construction and comes with custom structural support. These systems provide dust control for a wide range of applications.
  5.    SCF Dust Collector: With a ten-gauge stand and a twelve-gauge body, this is a heavy-duty system, yet has a small footprint. A modular design to fit your needs and easy bag replacement are just a couple of its convenient features. This system is also appropriate for a variety of applications.

Imperial Systems is a company that consists of experts from design to construction of each of these systems. Our experience and our expertise make us valuable partners for the health of your work environment.  For more information on which dust control system is right for you, contact us today!

Turn to Imperial Systems for All Your Duct Work Installation Needs

Are you just planning out your new duct work and wondering where you are going to find components that fit your specific needs?  Or, are you well into the project and discovering that your initial manufacturer cannot supply the pieces and quality you need?  No matter at what stage you find yourself in your duct work installation project, it is time to turn to Imperial Systems.  Although you may know our company for our standout industrial dust collection systems and products, we initially started out making custom sheet metal duct work for projects like yours.  With our long experience in the field, we can offer hundreds of different components all at a level of quality that has withstood the test of time.duct work installation

Your Partner for Duct Work Installation

When you begin a duct work installation project, it is important that you partner with a business who knows the ins and outs of the trade.  That way, they can do more than just anticipate challenges down the road; they will actually be able to provide solutions.  Only a provider of custom sheet metal duct work will be able meet all of your needs from planning to installation.  Imperial Systems not only provides the expertise you need for your project, but can also do so within the bounds of your budget.

Custom Duct Work

We manufacture hundreds of different sheet metal duct work components.  This variety allows us to provide pieces with the exact specifications you need for your space and application.  For example, our fabricated gore elbows work for most industries and can be fabricated with a radius to suit your needs.  However, if  you anticipate a tougher application, you can go with the heavy duty flat back elbows which are a square constructed elbow typically with a 10 ga. housing and A 1/4″ plate back.  If you are not sure what components would be best for your needs, talk to our service representatives.  Our knowledgeable and friendly team will help you figure out exactly what you need before duct work installation begins.

A Tradition of Excellence

Because Imperial Systems started out doing custom sheet metal duct work installation and manufacturing, we can offer your business the greatest level of experience on your custom project.  You will benefit from our dedication to quality, safety, and value from your first quote to your final inspection.

For more information about Imperial Systems and our custom duct work, please contact us today!

Three Key Considerations When Choosing a Dust Control Service

Whether metalworking is the heart and soul of your business or just one facet of your larger manufacturing process, the fact remains that dust is an issue you have to deal with.  There are so many choices on the market, when you are looking for a dust control service; it can be hard to know where to begin!  As you compare different services, it is important to know which questions to ask to help you narrow down your choice.  So, the dust control experts at Imperial Systems have compiled a list of important questions and considerations for choosing your dust control service.

How Efficient is the System?dust control service

Typically, your dust control service will come in the form of a filtration and collection system that will be set up in the shop.  Air filled with dust, fumes, and other pollutants will enter and pass through tightly woven filters. The heavier dust particles will then either be caught in the filter or drop into the hopper below, allowing clean and healthy air to return to the shop.  The efficacy of this setup is largely dependent upon the filtration efficiency.  After all, it is only removing the largest bits of dust, you are only cycling contaminated air throughout the shop.  So, you probably want to look for something like the highly efficient CMAXX Dust Collector System with its DeltaMAXX filters.  These have a MERV 15 filtration efficiency–the best in the industry.

How Often Will it Require Maintenance?

In addition to this question, you will also want to include is follow up: how difficult is the maintenance and keeping of this dust control service? Check to see what sort of access you have to the internal parts of the system; a tool-free, heavy duty filter door will cut down on your service time.  Additionally, make sure that the design is conducive to a longer filter life.  A vertical cartridge design and total pulse distribution across the media filter will increase the system’s cleaning power while simultaneously extending the life of your filter.

What Kind of Service Comes with the System?

When you purchase a dust control system, it is also important to consider the ongoing service that comes with it.  Can the business you are working with provide support in selecting and adapting a system to suit your metalworking shop’s particular needs?  Are they able to ship your product soon, even within 24 hours?  If it does require work, do they have a field crew available to safely and efficiently restore your system to working order?  The answers to these important questions can make a huge difference in your experience with any dust control services.

For more ideas about choosing a dust control service, contact the dust experts at Imperial Systems today!

Commercial Ductwork From Imperial Systems

Although commercial ductwork may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Imperial Systems (given that we are most well known for our dust collector systems), it is certainly an area of our expertise. You might be surprised to find out that Imperial Systems actually began as custom ductwork company over a decade ago. Therefore, commercial ductwork is actually the area in which we have the longest time of experience.commercial ductwork

Industrial Ductwork can be fabricated for a wide variety of areas and atmospheres. Here at Imperial Systems, we create multiple forms of duct pipe and elbows to fit the needs of our commercial clients. Take a look at a few varieties of our ductwork parts.

Commercial Ductwork Parts: Pipe and Elbows


  •  Lock Seam Pipe: This is our light duty pipe that is fitting for workplaces in which abrasion is not an issue. The sheet metal thickness runs from 20 to 24 gauge.
  •  Fully Welded Pipe: This is our heavy duty pipe that is all one piece with one seam.  The metal thickness runs from 16 gauge to 3/8” plate.


  • Fabricated Gore Elbows: This is our most popular elbow because it can be customized to be fitting for any industry. The radius of the elbow and the thickness of the metal can be tailored to the appropriate sizes depending on abrasion, or the type of material handled in the workplace.
  • Heavy Duty Flat Back Elbows: If your workplace works with rough applications, these are the elbows you need. Our heavy duty flat back elbows are manufactured to handle substantial abrasion. With a variety of types of metal, metal thicknesses, and back plate options, you can have these elbows tailored to your liking.

Imperial’s ductwork will not disappoint. Just ask our friends at the Longaberger Company. This past year, Imperial Systems was completely responsible for replacing the company’s old ductwork with new ducts that would allow for increasing industrial efficiency and decreasing overall costs. The company’s management was very pleased with our work and explained that Imperial had solved the issues they had been experiencing.

We take as much pride in our commercial ductwork as we do in our dust control equipment because we develop and manufacture our ductwork with the same amount of effort and expertise. If you are in need of ductwork, contact Imperial Systems for the quality and efficiency you expect from experts!