The In-Line Spark Trap Options You Really Need


The In-Line Spark Trap Options You Really Need

The Imperial Systems Spark Arrestor is your best choice for an in-line spark trap that you can rely on for quality, value, and safety.

Just over a decade ago, metal fabricators were considered the third-highest at-risk group in a lineup of metalworking industry safety statistics by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  One of the major risk factors posing a hazard to workers is the combination of dust, fumes, and sparks that are all put off during manufacturing processes.  However, with the right dust collection equipment, you can significantly reduce the chances of illness, injury, or accident occurring in the workspace.  So, an important question to ask yourself right now is: do I have the right in-line spark trap to keep my workers safe?

In-Line Spark TrapAt Imperial Systems, we are acutely aware of the importance of an in-line spark trap, or spark arrestor, that you can rely on to extinguish all sparks before they enter your industrial dust collector.  This is why we have designed and manufactured two different options to help your business stay safe.

Dust Collectors With An In-Line Spark Trap

Our CMAXX Laser and Plasma Fume Extraction System incorporates all of the latest metalworking safety technology and is easy to use.  It comes with a built in in-line spark trap to ensure that any spark which enters the collector is immediately extinguished.  Additionally, this system also offers the following advantages:

  • Premium reverse air cleaning
  • DeltaMAXX fire retardant filters
  • Fan silencer
  • Tool-free filter access and change out
  • Pre-wired setup: all you have to do is plug it in and push start!


Additional Spark Arrestors

Of course, at Imperial Systems, we acknowledge that you may not be prepared to purchase and install a new system, no matter how easy it is, in order to get the in-line spark trap you need. So, we also sell individualized spark traps, called Spark Arrestors, which are customized to fit your unique needs.

Manufactured with the same attention to quality, safety, and value as all of our products, these offer the following features:

    • Heavy duty construction
    • No maintenance
    • Clean-out door
    • Fully welded construction
    • Easy install into any system
    • Can be installed in horizontal or vertical configurations
    • No moving parts
    • Carbon steel or stainless steel available
    • No water required
    • Available sizes: 6in. to 40in.

For more information about either of these quality spark trap options, you can give us a call today.  One of our experienced service representatives will help you to find the perfect solution for your metalworking business.  Begin the conversation by calling 800.918.3013.

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What To Consider When Choosing A Dust Collector Filters Manufacturer

Imperial wants you to choose the right manufacturer that best suits your specific needs.

It is absolutely necessary that when you are choosing which dust collector filters manufacturer to go with for your metalworking company, that you make the right decision the first time. Too many chances are taken when you choose the wrong manufacturer. Some of those chances include:

dust collector filters manufacturer

  • Causing long-term illness in yourself or your employees
  • Allowing an explosion in your facility
  • Losing money over low-quality materials and machines

So what can you do to make sure none of the above happen to you? Research. According to the 2014 State of B2B Procurement study, 94% of business owners research before they purchase. That still leaves 6% that purchase without research, and lack of research increases the chance that you may have purchased a lesser quality product which will affect your business, possibly causing you to lose your business.

How Do You Know You’ve Chosen The Right Dust Collector Filters Manufacturer For Your Business?

With so many manufacturers to choose from, there are many companies that offer something special. There are also many companies that offer things that you don’t need, and would love for you to purchase those unnecessary products.

The best thing to do is abide by the 3 R’s….

  • Relevance – Specific to your industry, you must be sure that you are getting the product that will benefit you. As far as a metalworking facility, you will be working with combustible gasses and dust particles, requiring the need of a DeltaMAXX filter with Nanofiber technology, and quite possibly our CMAXX Laser Fume Extraction System.
  • Reliability – Be sure the dust collection filters manufacturer you are interested in has a dependable customer service department, and a list of reviews for each product so you know they have a product you can depend on.
  • Reputation – Who will stand behind the products and service of your choice dust collector filters manufacturer? If they do not have a list of clients on their website, you can give them a call and ask them for a list. Look up their reviews online and do your research to discern their reputation wisely.

Remember with all the sanding, buffing, grinding, polishing and cutting there will be a great deal of dust that will settle and remain airborne in your metalworking facility. Consider the quality products Imperial Systems brings to your front door.

For more information on how Imperial Systems is a relevant, reliable and reputable dust collector filters manufacturer, contact us today.

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The Filter Efficiency Alternatives to Donaldson Torit Cartridge Filters

Donaldson Torit cartridge filters – Are you familiar with filter efficiency measures?

Looking for Donaldson Torit cartridge filters?

Imperial Systems is here to offer you our tips on how to pick out your cartridge filters as well as test your dust. For metalworking professionals, a variety of options can mean a lot of time spent investigating them. We’d like to give you a starting-point refresher so that you can optimize value on dust collection and select the best cartridge filter for your needs.  donaldson torit cartridge filters

  1. Consider the different measures of filter efficiency.

There are two primary methods used by manufacturers in dust collection which express filter efficiency. First, there’s gravimetric analysis, which is determined by the weight of particles. The filter efficiency might be expressed as “91.555% on particles of .45 or larger by weight.” The other measure is minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). This runs on a scale from 1 to 16, with MERV 16 being the highest efficiency you will find.

These measures are useful as you compare filters, but don’t rely only on them to calculate efficiency. Be sure to check that you are satisfying the OSHA and EPA requirements for dust collection performance. OSHA should be followed if you discharge air to re-circulate inside, while EPA should constitute your guideline if discharge outside.

  1. Mass density efficiency is the best predictor of OSHA compliance

Mass density efficiency is calculated as the weight per unit volume of air: for example, OSHA might say that your emission cannot surpass 5mg/cu m at the dust collector discharge. In the same way, EPA will be most concerned that your emissions remain below the threshold limit (defined as grains per cu ft or mg/cu m.), not the percentages you get from the above-stated measurements. The best way to ensure that your efficiency measure will satisfy the above standards, you can ask your supplier to give you a written guarantee that filters you select will be compliant with these regulations.

  1. Testing your dust

Dust collection and testing is an oft-used practice that manufacturers use in order to make decisions that will be environmentally healthy. The two types of dust testing usually utilized in this process are bench testing and explosibility testing. Bench testing is used to determine the dust’s physical properties, while explosibility tells you the combustibility of the dust.

  • Bench testing involves a number of tests that will help you choose your filter cartridge. The particle size analysis expresses the dust’s particle size in the submicron level so that you can choose a filtration efficiency appropriate to it. It also gives a count of the particles of that size, and the volume of the dust.
  • Explosibility testing is used to determine the prevention equipment needed on your dust collector. This requires multiple steps including having a laboratory analyze a dust sample. This can also be helpful when you are picking a filter since they come in different types.

Donaldson Torit cartridge filters are one option you may be considering, and at Imperial Systems we are glad to help you figure out exactly what you need. We offer a variety of dust collection materials at top industry standard. Like, Donaldson Torit cartridge filters we offer cartridge filters and other manufacturing tools for companies across the US. We’re proud to provide you with customer service that will bring you to exactly where you need to be. Imperial Systems: Call 800-918-3013 today for a free consultation.

5 Ways You Benefit From Working With A Professional Dust Control Company

Imperial Systems shares 5 surprising ways metalworking businesses benefit from working with a professional dust control company.

At the start of each work day, your metalworking team probably dons the same protective gear.  You know that safety needs to be a number one priority in the presence of welding and other metalworking processes. However, make sure you aren’t missing the forest for the trees!

professional dust control companyThe atmosphere in which you work requires just as much attention to safety as any individual piece of equipment. This is why having a professional dust control company on your side is one of the most important steps a business like yours can take.  Just check out the following benefits you can expect to enjoy when you work with a dust collection company like Imperial Systems.

    1. 1. Reduced Combustion Risk
      One of the most important reasons to work with a professional dust control company is to reduce your risk of combustion in the shop.  Through many manufacturing processes, huge amounts of dust are produced.  Although these carry the risk of combustion on their own, the danger is increased by flying sparks produced by many metalworking processes. Controlling that dust is an important preventive measure.


    1. 2. Reduced Inhalation of Dust & Toxins
      Even apart from a combustion incident, the dust and toxins produced in your shop may still be doing damage.  Frequent inhalation of the dust and toxins in a shop without a dust collection system can lead to major health problems for your employees.


    1. 3. Meet OSHA and NFPA Standards
      Government agencies have recognized the dangers mentioned above and so they have created a number of regulations for the protection of metalworkers.  Working with a reliable dust collection company to establish the right preventive measures can help you meet these regulations and avoid costly fines.


    1. 4. Save Money On Running Costs
      If you have a dust collection system that has not been updated in years, you may find that simply running it costs an unreasonable amount of money.  When you work with a professional dust control company, you can update your system and create one that will run efficiently in your space, saving you money in the long run.


  1. 5. Save Time On Maintenance
    Finally, dust collection systems, just like your other equipment, does require maintenance from time to time.  When your business has established a relationship with a professional dust control company, you can order parts and schedule maintenance quickly from experienced representatives who are familiar with the products you use.

A Professional Dust Control Company You Can Trust

If you don’t currently know a dust control you can trust, turn to Imperial Systems today.  We are dedicated to quality, value, and safety, and look forward to working with your business.  Contact us by calling 800.918.3013.

Why Your Food Processing Plant Needs A Professional Air Purification Service

If you own a food processing facility you understand the importance of clean air quality flowing in and around your products. Imperial Systems is here to help keep the air clear with our professional air purification service.

There are a few questions your may be asking yourself, such as:

  • What does a professional air purification service do?
  • How does air quality affect the food in my facility?
  • How do I know I need a professional air purification service?
  • Is your current system NFPA compliant?

We have an answer for all of your questions. Let’s get started.

What Does a Professional Air Purification Service Do?

professional air purification serviceImperial Systems designs and installs dust collection equipment, from dust collectors to duct fabrication. Whatever your specific needs are for your food processing plant, we can provide a solution and answer for it all.

Our loyalty doesn’t stop with your purchase, it continues with excellent customer service. If you have any questions about our products, or concerned with the function of any product, our specialists are here to help.

How Does Air Quality Affect The Food In My Facility?

In your food processing facility you may have particles gathering in the air, such as nuts, grains and fibers from multiple foods that collect, posing a threat to the foods you are packaging with contamination from other foods. This not only poses a threat to foods, but to customers as well. If you have nuts in your facility and you also process food without nuts, you may be cross-contaminating, causing a potential allergic reaction for a customer.

You also must keep in mind the health of your employees. Without proper air purification, you’re putting your employees at risk.

  • Your employees may develop “farmer’s lung” which is a condition that leads to scarring and fibrosis of the lung.
  • Employees may develop respiratory conditions affecting the bronchi and nasal passages.
  • Grain dust accumulating in the air may cause combustion and hurting employees.
  • Dust building up on machinery may cause malfunctions, potentially harming employees and also costing you money in replacing machinery.

How Do I Know I Need a Professional Air Purification Service?

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), there are specific standards that all food processing facilities must meet. With Imperial Systems, you can be sure that you will meet and even exceed those standards.

More reasons that you may need a professional air purification service may be:

  • Your facility needs to be humidified or dehumidified to the degree required.
  • Air needs to be distributed to specific places.
  • Room needs to be pressurized.
  • Machinery is needed that is not a source of contamination.
  • Filtering for clean air is required.

If you recognize your need for a professional air purification service, give Imperial Systems a call at 1-724-662-2801.

The Science Behind the DeltaMAXX Nanofiber Technology

Discover how DeltaMAXX nanofiber technology makes Imperial Systems’ filter so effective.

1In the metalworking industry, you are well aware that safety needs to be your number one priority.  With a variety of processes all occurring under one roof, from cutting and grinding to stamping and welding, the fumes and metal dusts produced as you work can pose major safety hazards if not contained.  This is not just about collecting dust and fumes to avoid inhalation.  In fact, properly working dust and fume collection systems and their filters, such as Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX nanofiber technology filters, should also offer protection against metallic dust accumulation, combustible dust, and dust collector fire hazards.

As new metalworking processes have been developed, the need for more advanced collection systems has arisen.  For example, laser cutting with inert shielding gas like nitrogen or argon can release dust particles with active carbons because the inert gas does not support combustion, this results in minute particles in your shop that contain huge amounts of carbon or potential energy, adding a new level of potential combustible danger if those particles were to encounter an ignition source.  As the metalworking industry continues to develop new processes like these, industrial dust collection systems need filters that are designed for even higher performance

http://www.thefabricator.com/article/safety/three-under-the-radar-dangers-in-weld-shops  (@fabricating)

2The DeltaMAXX industrial dust collection filter from Imperial Systems is designed to keep up.  Incorporating advanced DeltaMAXX nanofiber technology, these filters offer the benefits that metalworkers like you need and want.  With the highest efficiency and an incredibly long lifespan, these filters are among the the top in the industry.  So what sets these DeltaMAXX filters apart?


It is the advanced DeltaMAXX nanofiber technology which allows our filters to offer their full range of benefit to metalworkers like you.  And now, you can have a look behind the curtain and discover the science behind this unique technology that is keeping you safe.

What Is DeltaMAXX Nanofiber Technology?

3Broadly speaking, a nanofiber is defined as anything under 1 micron in diameter. For perspective, one nanometer is equal to one billionth of a meter, making them about 1,000 smaller than a human hair.  When these nanofibers are added to an industrial dust collector cartridge filter, they form a permanent mesh surface with incredibly small, uniform openings on it. These miniscule pores are capable of filtering even submicron particles from the air stream, such as those released during laser-cutting and other advanced procedures, while preventing the particles from becoming embedded deep within the filter media below. http://www.thefabricator.com/article/metalsmaterials/the-nanofiber-factor (@fabricating)

What Are The Advantages of DeltaMAXX NanoFiber Filters?

Because of the tiny, uniform pore size of the nanofibers and the incredibly thin layer needed to capture even submicron particles, DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters can offer many advantages when compared with traditional melt-blown surface layers. Because melt-blown fibers are about 10 microns in diameter, they require a much thicker surface layer, often about 50 microns. These large fibers can allow some submicron particles to pass through, offering a much lower efficiency and, thus, less comprehensive protection against combustion and inhalation.  Additionally, the thick layer of such filters is often clogged, deep within the media, stacking up to a short filter life and a lot of cleaning while it lasts.

http://www.thefabricator.com/article/metalsmaterials/the-nanofiber-factor (@fabricating)

4Compared to cellulose-based filters with a melt-blowns surface layer, DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters offer a number of excellent advantages that not only promote safety in your workspace, but also offer savings of time and money as well. The high surface area, small pore size, and high pore volume of DeltaMAXX nanofiber technology translates into the cutting edge of metalworking dust and fume filtration and collection.  With DeltaMAXX nanofibers 50% smaller than competitive fibers, DeltaMAXX can offer maximum filtration performance in even the most advanced metalworking and manufacturing shops.  It’s many unique advantages to your collection system, your employees, and your business include:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Longer Filter Life
  • The Imperial Systems’ Guarantee

What Does DeltaMAXX Nanofiber Technology Mean For Your Business?

    • Increased Efficiency.
      5The efficiency of any cartridge filter depends largely upon the surface technology used, and the cleaning and potential airflow it allows.  So, the DeltaMAXX nanofibers, coming in at 50% smaller than competitive fibers, can show a 50% improvement in filter efficiency on 0.3 –1.0 micron particulates.  DeltaMAXX nanofibers offer a higher efficiency rating because they have a lower resistance to airflow due to the industry’s best surface loading technology and subsequently enhanced dust cake release.  DeltaMAXX filters can boast a MERV 15 rating, the best available filtration efficiency on submicron particulates.
    • Reduced Emissions.
      Compared to standard filter media used by the competition, the DeltaMAXX nanofiber technology used in our filters emits up to 97% less contaminant.  With this advanced submicron (0.3 — 1.0 microns) particle capture ability, DeltaMAXX filters are setting a new standard for dust filtration equipment.  For metalworkers, this offers a huge advantage of added safety for both workers and equipment.  Reduced emissions mean a lower chance of inhalation of toxins, as well as a significantly reduced chance for combustion. In any shop where both fumes and sparks fly, this advantages is vital.
    • Longer Filter Life.  
      The lifespan of your industrial dust collection filter depends in large part upon how well it can be cleaned, and how often this cleaning needs to occur.  With DeltaMAXX nanofiber technology, fewer pulse cycles are required because the filter media stabilizes at a much lower pressure drop than standard filters.  In fact, our filters pulse up to 94% less often than the competition. 6 Without the extra stress, these filters last much longer… up to twice as long as the industry standard.  For your metalworking business, this means less time and money wasted on frequent replacements and halted production.
  • The Imperial Systems’ Guarantee.
    Finally, the DeltaMAXX filters come not only with the advantages offered by DeltaMAXX nanofiber technology, but also the benefits of any product which comes from Imperial Systems. We are so confident that the DeltaMAXX filters will outperform your current industrial dust collection system filters, we offer a lifetime warranty if they do not live up to your standards.  And, because these filters are manufactured to fit all makes and models of dust collection systems, you can begin to see the difference as soon as your  new filters arrive.Additionally, when you work with Imperial Systems, you enjoy the benefits of our outstanding customer service. Our knowledgeable service representatives can help you find the products that will fit your needs, and most of these can ship out within 24 hours of your order being placed.  When you work with Imperial Systems, you get a partner in providing the quality, safety, and value your metalworking business really needs.

Science Based Quality, Safety, and Value

Metalworkers like you know the dangers that lurk behind the work you do every day.  Because of that, you are able to have a unique appreciation for the value of the high tech safety products which protect your employees and your shop.

Do you have questions or concerns about DeltaMAXX nanofiber technology?  Let us know in the comment section below!  One of our knowledgeable service representatives will answer you soon.  Or, if you’d like to talk with someone directly, call us today at 800.918.3013.