The Solution to Overpriced Competitor Cartridge Filters


The Solution to Overpriced Competitor Cartridge Filters

Competitor cartridge filters breaking your budget? Imperial Systems has the solution.

The dilemma is all too familiar.  You need the high performance and safety features provided by competitor cartridge filters for your metalworking shop… but the high price of these filters, which frequently need to be replaced, is draining your budget.  Unfortunately, most lower cost filters you have looked at cannot provide the value and service you really need.  

competitor-cartridge-filtersAt Imperial Systems, we believe that metalworkers like you should not have to choose between the safety and service you need and the price you can afford.  So, we are proud to share our solution to overpriced competitor cartridge filters: DeltaMAXX cartridge filters.

Can DeltaMAXX Filters Stack Up Against Competitor Cartridge Filters?

Competitor cartridge filters offer high efficiency and important safety features to keep your metalworking shop safe and clean. If you have a dust collection system, you have confidence that your current filters are a perfect fit.  Can DeltaMAXX really meet the same standards of safety and service?


Our DeltaMAXX filters are designed to fit every make and model of dust collection system, so you can continue using the system you have in place.  Additionally, our filters meet all OSHA and NFPA safety standards, so you can have confidence in the security provided.

In fact, our filters actually go above and beyond the industry standards.  The DeltaMAXX is one of the highest performing filters in the industry and offers a lifespan up to twice the industry standard, saving you money on frequent replacements.

Going Beyond The Gold Standard

Not only do our filters avoid the high prices of the brand names and frequent replacements, but they also outperform the competition’s filter media.  Using advanced Nanofiber technology, our filters have higher efficiency, fewer emissions, and even reduced cleaning cycles.  Independent lab tests have found Nanofiber technology to be 50% more efficient on .3-1.0 micron particulates than our competition’s.

The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Higher efficiency, a longer lifespan, reduced cleaning cycles, and lower costs.  All of these features add up to the solution you have been searching for.  So why wait any longer?  Give Imperial Systems a call today to talk with one of our highly trained service engineers.  

Contact us today at 1-800-918-3013.

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Making a Difference with Imperial Systems Replacement Fume Collector Filters

Imperial Systems filters bring longer life to metalworking facilities’ employees and machines.

For years, Imperial Systems has been offering metalworking facilities advanced and reliable dust and fume collectors and replacement fume collector filters designed to provide outstanding energy savings, filtration efficiency, and cleaner working environments.  When efficiency and employees are at their peak, so is productivity. All of these come together to protect the overall health of the business and its bottom line.

replacement fume collector filters

Common replacement fume collector filters

Any metalworking business involves grinding, sanding, buffing, cutting and/or polishing indoors, meaning you will have potentially hazardous dust contaminating your facility’s air. This dust or fume is usually invisible and can degrade your air quality, which is detrimental to employee health as well as the integrity of your machines. The health of your entire business depends on your properly functioning collection system and high quality replacement fume collector filters.

Besides just cleaning the air, Imperial Systems replacement fume collector filters can significantly improve the performance of your fume collectors.  Uniquely engineered for longer life and higher filtration efficiency, they are the most cost-effective choice for any collector and any environment.  Your fume collectors will keep running efficiently and energy smart with high-quality cartridge filters from Imperial Systems, ranking among the highest in performance, efficiency and value.

The type of replacement dust or fume collector filters you need depends on the dust collectors on your site. Some common types include cartridge collectors, cyclone, wet scrubbers and ESPs. All industrial filtration systems require periodic replacement of filters to eliminate contaminants consistently.  Check with Imperial Systems to see which type is the best fit for your business.

All types of industrial air filtration solutions are available from Imperial Systems. We offer filters that are compatible with all major brands of industrial cartridge dust collectors, including DeltaMAXX Fume Collector Cartridge Filters, DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters,  DeltaMAXX Filter Bags, and Cartridge Filter Overbags.  Many of our loyal metalworking customers have permanently relied on Imperial Systems for all dust collector control systems and products, including replacement fume collector filters. We want to help make your business as clean, healthy, and efficient as possible.

For more information, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013.

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What To Look For In Your Dust Collector Filter Cartridges

Never settle for anything less than the best.

It’s that time again! It’s time to re-order your dust collector filter cartridges to keep your dust collection system running smoothly. Have you noticed any lag in your system use? Perhaps your filters get dirty faster than you remember – or you are noticing more dust accumulating around your facility.

It’s time to take charge of your dust collector by checking off you needs in your dust collector filter cartridges re-order.

What Do I Need To See In My Dust Collector Filter Cartridges?

That’s a great question. Here at Imperial Systems, we want to make sure that you are receiving the best care necessary. Did you know that due to lack of maintenance or quality products, your facility may experience a combustible dust explosion? According to OSHA, from 1980 to 2005, there were:

  • 281 dust explosions
  • 119 deaths
  • 718 injuries

dust collector filter cartridgesThose bulleted stats are 3 major reasons why you need to be sure you are investing in quality dust collector filter cartridges.

5 Characteristics Of Quality Dust Collector Filter Cartridges

High Efficiency

With an average filter, the filter needs time to warm up before it works most efficiently because the surface level must become more sustainable to collect the dust. But, a filter built with Nanofiber Technology does not need time to warm up because the surface level was already created to be sustainable and substantial from the beginning.

Cleaning Is Easy

Who likes to take time cleaning a filter, anyway? Talk about productivity time wasted. Be sure that the filters you are using have tight-knit surfaces, you don’t need to waste your time any longer. Tight-knit surfaces prevent dust from getting deep into the filter, allowing you to clean up quicker and easier. No more working lunch breaks, cleaning the filters!

Customizable Filters

Other companies’ filters come in specific shapes and sizes, not allowing you to get filters that fit your needs. Imperial Systems offers customizable filters that come in any shape and size dust collector cartridge.

Long Filter Life

Perhaps one of the most important characteristics, filter life can either burn a hole in your pocket, or put money back in. Standard filters may only last a short time, while filters with Nanofiber Technology last twice as long as standard filters.

What do all of these characteristics and Imperial Systems have in common? Our premium dust collector filter cartridges. DeltaMAXX filter cartridges come with all of this, and more. Along with our quality product, we also bring you superb customer service that not only makes you feel like a high-class customer, you also feel like part of the family.

For more information about Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX dust collector filter cartridges, give us a call today at 800.918.3013.

Cartridge Dust Collectors vs. Other Systems – Finding the Best Fit for You

Imperial Systems offers a detailed step-by-step comparison between cartridge and other dust collector systems.

Every manufacturing environment requires a dust collection system for the health of its workers and the integrity of its machinery and processes.  With so many types and styles, finding the right system for your facility can be a daunting process.  Imperial Systems is here to help with this list comparing the benefits of a cartridge dust collector versus other systems:


Fabric and bag dust collectors lose efficiency as they fill, often beginning to expel fine dust at only half full. A cartridge dust collector uses industrial replacement cartridge filters to create a multi-stage dust collection system. With several filter cartridges in place, they collect more dust and micron particles than other systems, even when the initial stage filter is full. In addition, their process completely removes the dust before it can hit the clean air chamber, so no particles will be blown back into the work environment. Multi-stage filters allow equipment to continue running while the filters are being changed, preventing any disruption in air quality.

industrial replacement cartridge filtersLow Maintenance

As a fabric or bag system gets full, its ability to trap fine particulates diminishes, and cleaning the filters can be a hassle – often requiring up to two hours and two people in dust masks for safety. Conversely, the industrial replacement cartridge filters of a cartridge dust collector are removable, so one worker can simply replace all of the filters at once, then clean them at a more convenient time – a process usually completed in less than one hour.


Single-stage dust collection systems can only be used in limited production scenarios, but cartridge dust collectors with industrial replacement cartridge filters offer a wide range of applications from pharmaceutical to food to fine metal grinding. With a wide range of sizes and capabilities, cartridge dust collectors come as small as portable downdraft benches and as large as foundry operation systems.

DeltaMAXX industrial replacement cartridge filters

The DeltaMAXX Dust Collector industrial replacement cartridge filters by Imperial Systems deliver the longest filter life, cleanest air and the greatest cost savings through:

  • MERV 15 filtration efficiency – the best in the Industry
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Extended filter life (up to twice as long as competitors’)
  • The most advanced nanofiber technology on the market – prevents submicron particles from entering and becoming embed
  • Operational Mass Emissions
  • The industry’s best surface loading technology – enhances dust cake release, leading to longer filter life
  • DeltaMAXX NanoFiber Dust Collector industrial replacement cartridge filters have a very fine surface layer of synthetic fibers that blocks the particulate before it embeds deep into the media.

DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters are available for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors and industrial replacement cartridge filters.  In addition to providing superior products, we also provide some of the best service in the industry.  From expert representatives dedicated to solving your dust collection problems to fast shipping and handling, we help you get what you need to keep your manufacturing processes going smoothly.

For more information, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013.

What You Didn’t Know about Cartridge Filter Replacement

Cartridge filter replacement is an essential part of preventing accidents in your manufacturing plant.

Cartridge filter replacement is an important step in eliminating potential causes of ignition if you are in metalworking, manufacturing, or woodwork.

Cartridge filter replacementWhat are cartridge filters?

Cartridge filters are applied in a variety of contexts as a tool to filter water, chemicals, hydraulic fluid, and other types. They include the media for filtration, the receptacle, and the liquid filter. Since cartridges are porous, they can be made from many types of media such as carbon, polythermoplastics, metal mesh, nylon, and even paper.

If you require a cartridge filter replacement that will filter media of large sizes, this type will have a faster rate of flow than those that filter only small impurities. Filters’ very disposability is one of their benefits in metalworking and other industrial manufacturing. They can be removed with ease and replaced with an exact replica.

For this reason, a disposable cartridge filter replacement will come to you pre-filled with the required filter media and have a set duration. Then the cartridge should be thrown away and replaced with a new cartridge. There are also refillable cartridges which can be re-used a number of times. In the case of refillable cartridges, only the filter media needs to be replaced while the actual filter can be washed out.

Why it’s important

  1. 1. Safety
    Everyone agrees that prevention is the key to ensuring that serious hazards are eliminated, but oftentimes, industrial dust collection may be a subject that just…slips through the cracks for many manufacturing managers. The dust collector or cartridge filter may not be used on a regular day-to-day basis by the person deciding when to have it checked or replaced, so the subject is easily forgotten or, relegated to the bottom of the priority list because it seems like an extra cost. But forgetting about dust collection until it is too late is not an option when the health and livelihood of your employees is at stake. As an employer, you can encounter serious problems with the law if you allow an accident of this sort to occur on your watch.

  3. 2. Equipment life
    The life of your equipment, whether that’s a welding table, CNC cutting table, laser/plasma cutting table, etc., will be extended through your good care of it. Using proper filtration media in your industrial plant to ensure that all impurities are blocked during production will ensure longer life. Don’t forget to check your cartridge filter and research whether you are using the right type of media for your needs. You can talk to us at Imperial Systems at 724-662-2801  for advice pertaining to your particular industry.

  5. 3. Save Money
    If ensuring proper filtration extends the life of your equipment, you can be sure that taking this step will also help save your company money in the long haul. If you bought a $60,000 car, you’d be sure to buy the correct parts and maintenance tools. Why not take care of your $60,000 machine that produces your revenue? A cartridge filter replacement is an investment that will help you avoid future costs and problems.

For more information on cartridge filter replacements, our professionals are glad to assist you with the needs pertaining to your particular industry and business. Visit the Imperial Systems website or call us at 724-662-2801  to get started.

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