The IDA Offers NEW Advanced Safety Features YOU Need To Know About


The IDA Offers NEW Advanced Safety Features YOU Need To Know About

Find out what our IDA has to offer your metalworking business.shutterstock_4900324

If you are in the metalworking or manufacturing industries, safety is, by necessity, one of your highest priorities. From the good keeping and proper use of equipment to consistent use of personal safety gear, there are countless things you monitor each day to keep your employees and your workspace safe.  But are you doing enough?  Or are you at risk for potential combustion due to your dust and fume collection system?

Without IDA (In-line Deflagration Arrester) filters, you and your employees may be at risk. Discover how this proprietary technology from Imperial Systems could prevent disaster in your workshop while reducing your costs and improving your efficiency.


The Danger of Combustion

imageIt’s no secret that dust explosions are a common risk in metalworking and manufacturing industries.  Processes including welding, grinding, polishing, and more can create the perfect combination of dust and sparks in the air that can lead to serious consequences.  For example, three workers were killed in 2010 in a titanium dust explosion in West Virginia.  This incident is in addition to the 281 combustible dust incidents identified by the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board between 1980 and 2005.  In those incidents, 119 workers were killed, 718 injured, and many industrial facilities sustained extensive damage.

Recognizing these dangers, OSHA and the NFPA have created standards aimed at minimizing the risks to life and property that are posed by combustible dust.  Important steps to reduce the danger of combustion include:

  • Analyzing the hazards present in your facilities
  • Utilizing an effective dust collection system
  • Monitoring this system and others to ensure proper operation
  • Limiting smoking, open flames, and sparks in work areas
  • Installing spark arresters in dust collection ductwork

More important combustion prevention guidelines and recommendations can be found with the NFPA or OSHA.

The mistake made by many metalworking and manufacturing businesses is to some, but not all, of the recommended safety steps.  A dust collection system without an IDA present can still combust, creating a deadly flame front.   


Imperial Systems’ IDA Filter Technology

shutterstock_269021891At Imperial Systems, we are proud to announce our proprietary IDA DeltaMAXX filters, which bring advanced safety features to our CMAXX Dust Collection System.  Together, they offer excellent protection against combustion.  

In a recent study of the CMAXX Dust Collector with IDA DeltaMAXX filters, backed by third party testing, we found that in all tests the filters were able to isolate a deflagration and stop a flame front.  The results showed no trace of flame or spark transmission downstream from the filters or in the clean air plenum.  

In fact, the body of the CMAXX Dust Collection System, without explosion venting, was also tested to withstand a deflagration of corn starch at 185 KST with pressures exceeding 4 PSI. In this case, the full explosion diverted through the IDA DeltaMAXX filters.  Afterwards, the filters showed no sign of deformation; their internal cages maintained their shape perfectly, and the seals were not deformed or melted either.  

Note: Although the test described above was performed without explosion vents, as a demonstration of the worst-case scenario, dust collectors should always be properly vented.“discharged into a safe, unrestricted, outdoor location, and the discharge shall not be obstructed” (See NFPA 69 Chapter 12). Where the CMAXX is vented through a pipe or duct, the duct must be designed to withstand the pressure of an explosion. These pressures can be provided at the time of engineering.  Imperial Systems can have your dust tested prior to final engineering to determine the proper venting calculations.  


Comprehensive Combustion Safety

In addition to their high performance in the above testing, the CMAXX Dust Collector with IDA DeltaMAXX cartridge filters also offers several advantages over similar systems that have been tested.  These include:dang

  • Elimination of the need for expensive after-filters that can prematurely blind, causing issues like high pressure drops, increased filter expenses, additional labor, decreased headroom for indoor applications, and enlarged filter housing.
  • Online filter cleaning using the same primary system that the CMAXX uses, ensuring consistent cleaning of the filters during operation
  • Compatibility with inline HEPA filters or a remote HEPA filter system as required, unlike other systems which require such filters to be mounted on top of the collector, limiting its flexibility.

The combined features of the CMAXX and IDA DeltaMAXX filters offer metalworkers and manufacturers the quality, safety, and value that we are dedicated to providing here at Imperial Systems.  

Of course, it’s no surprise that together our products demonstrate some of the highest performance on the market, especially when you consider the impressive advantages each has to offer on its own.  For over a decade, Imperial Systems has offered manufacturers and metalworkers like you advanced, reliable dust and fume collection equipment. Just check out the numbers– they speak for themselves!

CMAXX Dust Collector Advantages
  • 10% more filter media than other same-sized vertical cartridge collectors
  • 20% more internal area around the cartridge filters, collecting more dust in the hopper before attaching to the filters
  • 20% lower internal velocities– BEST in Class
  • 100% total pulse distribution across filter media
  • Up to 40% more cleaning power
  • 15 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Heavy duty 7 & 10 gauge construction
  • 0 bolt holes– no rusting or leaks!
DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filter Advantages
  • Up to twice the Filter Life as the industry standard
  • MERV 15 Filtration Efficiency– best in the industry
    • 99.9% Efficiency for .3 to .5 Micron with the highest quality pleated media
    • Reduced dust collector operational costs
    • Lower operational mass emissions
  • Less pulse cleaning with Advanced NanoFiber Technology
  • Best surface loading technology in the industry

DeltaMAXX cartridge filters are made to fit all makes and models of cartridge dust collection systems

All of our products also come with the Imperial Systems’ guarantee of outstanding customer service.  We are dedicated to engineering and providing the solutions that manufacturers can rely on for the highest levels of quality, safety, and value.  Whether you talk with our sales engineers or our field crews, we are confident that you will be impressed by our dedication to your service and safety.

If you would like to learn more about any of our products and how they may be able to improve safety and reduce costs in your workplace, please contact us today!  You can reach us at 800.918.3913.

We Want To Hear From You

The particular needs and safety strategies for dust and fume combustion will vary from one workshop to the next.  So, we want to hear from you!  What challenges does your business face when it comes to handling combustible dust and fumes?  What are you currently doing to control the risks?  What solutions are you still looking for?
Let us know in the comments section below; we can’t wait to hear from you!

Choose The Top Dust Collector Cartridge Filter In North America

Don’t Sacrifice Safety For Savings!

For those in the metalworking industry, it comes as no surprise that metalworking poses some safety risks. In fact, in 2013, Forbes compiled a list of America’s 10 Deadliest Jobs, where the metalworking industry came in at number five.  That’s why choosing the top dust collector cartridge filter in the industry, can minimize the safety risks and health hazards experienced by those in the metalworking profession.

Top Dust Collector Cartridge FilterDon’t let the allure of bigger name logo’s make you believe higher priced means higher quality. For the last 10 years, Imperial Systems has produced the highest quality DeltaMAXX cartridge filters in the industry. Because we are one of the top manufacturers in North America this gives us the ability to maintain high quality at a lower price point.  

Why DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters is our Top Dust Collector Cartridge Filter

Right now you’re trying to decide who to go with. Imperial Systems or the Bigger Name Logo? It’s between price and quality, but we want you to know you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other at Imperial Systems. As mentioned before our quality is not diminished by our lower prices. Here are a few more reasons why our DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters should be your top dust collector cartridge filter from now on.

  1. The nanofibers in our DeltaMAXX Cartridge filters are 50% smaller than our competitions. This means that our cartridges have a MERV 15 rating. One of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry.
  2. The extended filter life of our cartridges means fewer filter changes, and an obvious financial advantage for your metalworking business.
  3. Our DeltaMAXX cartridge filters are compatible with all major brands of industrial dust collectors.
  4. Being the top dust collector cartridge filter in the industry means our filters provide the highest quality pleated media with 99%+ efficiency  and .3 to .5 Micron.
  5. The dust that is accumulated during metal fabrication is easily pulsed off the Nanofiber because it remains on the surface of the filter. The advantage is less pulse cleaning.
  6. DeltaMAXX cartridge filters have the industry’s best surface loading technology by enhancing dust cake release. This adds to the longer life of our filters.
  7. Last but certainly not least is our excellent customer service. We want you to be lifelong  customers, and help us ensure the safety of those in the metalworking industry. We’re so committed to bringing you quality cartridge filters that we offer a lifetime warranty if the filters don’t live up to your standards.

So the choice is yours. If our highly efficient, high quality, and money saving advantages appeal to your needs, call Imperial Systems at 1.800.918.3013.

Top Dust Collector Cartridge Filter | Top Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

Understanding Flame Arrestor Systems and their Industrial Applications

Imperial Systems is a leader in the industry for safe, effective dust collector systems. 

There are many types of flame arrestor devices and systems available that meet NFPA standards for explosion protection in industrial dust collection systems.  As a leader in the industry and provider of our proprietary DeltaMAXX IDA (In-line Deflagration Arrester) filters, Imperial Systems presents this comparison of the most common types of flame arrestors and their applications.
flame arrestor is a device which allows gas to pass through it, yet stops a flame in order to prevent a larger fire or explosion. Regardless of types, all flame arrestors operate on the same principle: removing heat from the flame as it attempts to travel through narrow passages constructed of metal or other heat-conductive materials. A flame arrestor can be employed in many industries, including metalworking, pulp and paper, oil exploration and production, sewage treatment, mining, power generation, and bulk liquids transportation, among others.

Most flame arrestor designs fall into one of two categories:

End-of-Line (Vent to Atmosphere) Flame Arrestors

End-of-line flame arrestors are used in applications such as petroleum storage tank vents. The classic application is in preventing fire in the atmosphere from entering an enclosure. For example, flame arrestors have been commonly installed on oilfield storage tank vents for nearly a hundred years in order to keep them from exploding in the event that gas flowing from the vents may be struck by lightning.

In-Line Flame Arrestors (Deflagration or Detonation Arrestors)

In-line flame arrestors are installed in pipes to prevent flames from passing through them.  Most in-line flame arrestor applications protect systems which collect and/or filter gases emitted by liquids and solids. If an ignition occurs, a flame inside or outside of the system could result, with the potential to do catastrophic damage.

The various dynamic states of confined flames can be very dangerous for a process system due to the tremendous energies associated with detonation pressure and flame velocity. Your flame arrestor must be able to stop the flame and withstand the enormous pressures caused by explosions within the confined piping.  It must also be able to absorb the flame’s heat much faster than is required by standard low-to-medium-pressure conditions, as well as being structurally superior to standard low-pressure deflagration arrestors.

In order to safeguard workers in the metalworking industry, Imperial Systems tested our CMAXX Dust Collection System numerous times with the DeltaMAXX IDA filters.  In all tests across the board, each filter was able to isolate the flammable dust and completely stop a flame front consistently every time.   

For more information, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013.

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7 Safety Features of a Top Dust Collector System

7 important safety improvements your dust collection system can make in your facility

The number one purpose of installing a dust collector in a metalworking or other industrial facility is to create and maintain a safe working environment.  Protecting the health and safety of your employees in turn results in improved performance, productivity, and compliance with safety standards and regulations.  To ensure that your investment is a top dust collector system, Imperial Systems recommends you look for the following important safety features:

Fire Prevention

Without the proper technological tools in place, dangerous amounts of particulates can accumulate in a dust collector, dramatically increasing likelihood of fires.  Invest in a system that includes flame-retardant filter media, spark arrestors, perforated screens, and sprinklers to boost fire prevention in your facility. In addition, cartridges that mount vertically help reduce fire and explosion risks due to their absence of dust build-up on top of the filters.

High Pressure Rating

top dust collector systemMany industrial applications now require dust collectors to have explosion venting (or suppression) systems. A top dust collector system with a higher pressure rating will stand up better in the event of a combustible dust explosion. It may also enable you to save money by investing in a simpler and less costly explosion protection system for NFPA standard compliance.

Long-life Filters

Besides the obvious economical advantage, long-life filters also provide significant contributions to industrial facility safety.  Reducing the frequency of cartridge replacements means minimized exposure to dust for workers, optimized maintenance and disposal costs, and reduced landfill impact.

Filter Replacement Safety

When filters do have to be changed, the safest systems do not require workers ever to enter the actual dust collector to perform the process.  Instead, the filters are positioned for convenient access with easy-slide housing.  Avoid systems that involve pulling out dirty overhead cartridges, as they can result in injuries to the neck, back and foot.  

Timer Board

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) tend to be popular for controlling the pulse-cleaning process for filters, however, the PLC valve opens too slowly to ensure consistent and safe cleaning.  A timer board designed specifically for filter pulsing is the much safer and more reliable method for maintaining a top dust collector system. The timer board can be linked into your PLC or utilized independently.

Safety Monitoring Filter

A safety monitoring filter is a secondary bank of high efficiency air filters installed downstream of the collector’s clean air discharge.  These prevent collected dust from re-entering the workspace in the event of a leak in the dust collector’s primary filtering system, thereby providing double protection for your facility’s air quality.

Additional Safety Accessories & Details

There are a number of accessories available to complement any top dust collector system and further enhance your workplace safety:

  • Quality and/or custom ductwork equipped with dampers and valves help minimize the risk of explosion.
  • OSHA-compliant safety platforms with railings and caged ladders can prevent slips and falls during access to the collector for service.
  • Lock-out/tag-out doors prevent injury and exposure to hazardous dust during a pulsing cycle.
  • A bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) containment system may be required to isolate workers from toxic dust in used filters during change-out.

You dust collection system only deserves the top dust collection system. For more information, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013.

Stop Explosive Dust in Its Tracks With our Proprietary IDA DeltaMAXX Filters

Save the lives of your employees in the metalworking industry!

As a metal fabricator you’re no stranger to the everyday dangers of the metalworking industry. Metalworkers encounter hazardous smoke, fumes, sparks, and dust. The inhalation of smoke and fumes can cause short term health effects such as respiratory issues to eye irritations, and long term health effects such as chronic lung infections. The most common hazard in the metalworking industry is a combination of dust and sparks which creates explosive dust.  

How Does Explosive Dust Create An Explosion?

The accumulation of combustible dust occurs during processes such as grinding, buffing, and sand casting. During these processes the dust can accumulate in the air ducts and vents making it a recipe for disaster. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) explains the 5 components that create the prime environment for an explosion.

A dust explosion requires 5 components to create the “Dust Pentagon”.

  • A fuel that will burn
  • Oxygen
  • A source of ignition – sparks or heat
  • The suspension of the dust particles in just the right amount
  • Confinement of the dust particles in a limited amount of space.

This provides the perfect formula for the pressure to build up and cause an explosion.

How does the metalworking industry keep explosive dust to a minimum?  Implementing a cleaning protocol, and training employees to identify a hazardous situation is the first line of defense. Abiding by the guidelines put into practice by OSHA, and having a highly efficient ventilation, and dust collection system will keep the combustible dust to a minimum.

Imperial Systems continues to dedicate itself to ensure the safety of those in the metalworking industry. This is why when our proprietary IDA (In-line Deflagration Arrester) DeltaMAXX filters were designed to fit our CMAXX Dust Collector System.  It’s been PROVEN to confine a deflagration and stop a flame front.  In order to safeguard those in the metalworking industry we tested our CMAXX System numerous times with the IDA DeltaMAXX filters and all tests with each filter was able to isolate the flammable dust and completely stop a flame front each and every time.  Not only was it capable of stopping the deflagration, but there were zero traces of flames or sparks in the clean air plenum or down from the the IDA filters. This proves that the CMAXX Dust Collector System is one of the best in the industry.  

We wanted to do a comprehensive test on the effectiveness of the IDA DeltaMAXX filters so we covered the explosion venting on the CMAXX to see how it could withstand the full force of an explosion. The results show how the explosion changed course through the IDA DeltaMAXX filters, and caused very little damage to the filters.  

The IDA filters internal cages remained intact with no visible signs of deformation or melting.  All explosion testing was conducted by a third party. The CMAXX Dust Collector System along with IDA DeltaMAXX filters is now IDA certified, with the end result being safety for those working in the metalworking and manufacturing industries.

For more information about our IDA DeltaMAXX filters, give us a call today at 800.918.3113.

Are You Using The Top Dust Collector Filters On The Market?

Just because it’s top-quality doesn’t mean it’s out of your price range.

On August 2, 2014 in Kunshan, China, a metal production company faced a day they won’t forget. A massive explosion occurred that morning, killing 146 people and injuring 114.

Top Dust Collector FiltersAre you the owner of a metalworking facility? If so, you are aware the importance of dust collection. Dust collection involves protecting you, your employees and your products. Implementing top dust collector filters and systems, along with strict guidelines into your company is vital in providing a safe environment.

Why Use The Top Dust Collector Filters?

With an array of products available for your dust collection needs, it’s important to do your research. In helping you research, Imperial Systems has provided a list of qualities to look for in “so-called” top dust collector filters. Also, we have provided a summarized list of the NFPA 654, Standard for the Prevention of Fire and Dust Explosions.

These standards are:

  • For process equipment and ventilation systems, minimize the escape of dust
  • Use dust collector systems and the top dust collector filters
  • Utilize surfaces that facilitate cleaning and minimize dust
  • Clean dust on a regular basis
  • Inspect for dust in hidden areas
  • Only use vacuum cleaners approved for dust collecting
  • Place relief valves away from dust hazard areas
  • Develop a dust inspection, cleaning, testing and control guide specific to your facility

Notice that the standards include use dust collector systems and the top dust collector filters. Perhaps we added “the top” to the standards, and that’s ok! When it comes to your employees safety, you don’t want to cut corners.

Here are qualities of top dust collector filters:

  • Nanofiber technology, stopping submicron particles from becoming embedded into the media, before they even enter the filter.
  • The highest quality pleated media having a 99.9% efficiency
  • Reduced dust collector operational costs
  • The industry’s best surface loading technology
  • Lower operational mass emissions
  • The best in the industry, MERV15 filtration
  • Less pulse cleaning

Where can you find these qualities? With Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX filters. DeltaMAXX filters are the top dust collector filters on the market. Not only do you receive a quality product, you receive service from a quality company. We are not here to treat you like customers, we are here to treat you like family.

If you would like more information on our DeltaMAXX filters or our CMAXX Dust Collection Systems and Fume Extraction Systems, you can visit our products page or give us a call at 1-800-918-3013.

Top Dust Collector Filters | Top Dust Collector Filter

The Domed Roof Design: The Solution to Your Worst Dust Collection Problems

Did you know that 30,000 US manufacturing facilities are considered at-risk for explosion by OSHA?

The Structure of a Dome: What’s to Like?

Side-View-Doors-Open-CUTOUTA domed roof design has been called “the king of all roofs”, and they support that name by covering many of the world’s most important and famous buildings. What is a dome? Domes have a curved structure, without corners, angles, or supporting columns. The design options for domes are many. You may see a dome on private homes, commercial buildings, or governmental and religious edifices.

Lightweight yet self-supporting, the dome provides a focal point and a natural attraction. In buildings, the airy dome structure creates an atmosphere evocative of pre-historic civilizations. Indeed, the dome’s deeply rooted origins in many cultures of the ancient world brings an air of richness and sophistication.

Design, quality and function combine to make this architectural structure a winner no matter where or what you’re building. And these observations hold true not just for buildings, but also for technology. What we refer to is industrial manufacturing. In many industries, the domed roof design has been shown to provide many benefits in the building. At Imperial Systems, we wanted to take the ingenuity of the domed system just one step further. For a quintessential dust collection system, we offer dust cartridge collectors with a superior domed roof design, providing industrial manufacturers with the many benefits of a long-lasting and safe instrument.


CMAXX Offer a Superior Domed Roof Design

CMAXX offers a superior domed roof design for cartridge dust collectors, providing a solid roof to increase efficiency. The roof on the CMAXX has a domed structure to make water run off and to improve the strength of the unit. These changes mean that the CMAXX is the only dust collector equipment that does not require external bolt holes. What does it include?

CMAXX domed roof design  = NO bolt holds; NO individual panels; and NO roof seams!


How CMAXX Stays Ahead of the Competition

Front-View-Straight-On-with-badgesIndustrial manufacturing requires instruments that can endure tough conditions, lasting for years and producing a high-quality material, all the while maintaining safety for those who use these instruments. That’s a tall order. At Imperial Systems we are interested in producing the best technologies, using scientific innovations as well as lessons from the past to create an equipment that will hold up to the pressures of your work. Safety equipment, such as cartridge dust collectors, must especially be designed to endure harsh environments.

Compared to the competition, the CMAXX domed structure excels in every way. If you research a similar unit without the domed roof design, you’ll discover a 16-cartridge dust collector with about 160 bolt holes and 1000 holes spaced throughout the collector. This design represents the old style of industrial fabrication, and the bolted panels hold water, leading to leaks and rusting and freezing. All these conditions signify damaged equipment for you.

But check out our the alternative!


Domed Roof Dust Collector Technology: A Challenge to the Status Quo

We know already that weather can be the most unpredictable and difficult element to control when it comes to producing safely and efficiently. At Imperial Systems, we’re not content to until we can provide you with the best for your manufacturing needs. The harsh external elements have resulted in warping, rust, leaks, and other problems for many metalworking and other industrial manufacturers. But your livelihood and the success of your business depends upon decreasing the instances of these types of problems. And the best way to eliminate the flaws in your production is to go back to its source: equipment.

The defects produced by your equipment can compromise the integrity of your unit. This undermines the safe environment you are seeking to create! Thus, we suggest that you confront these problems using a new and reformed dust collection system technology. We use four features to guarantee your protection against leaking and water damage.

  1.     Positive Bow. The shape allows debris to run off more easily with water so that the unit becomes easier to clean. This inhibits pooled-up water from freezing on top of the unit, causing damage.
  2.     One-piece Roof. Eliminating the individual-panel design, the one-piece roof offers a design that will be strong against leaking and warping.
  3.     Zero Bolt Holes. The system is sealed because we have eliminated the external bolt holes altogether. Now, you can rest assured that you will not have to deal with rusty bolts, leaks, and breaking parts.
  4.     A Strong Frame. The 3/16” roof is thick, fully welded, and the welds have been ground smooth. And, 1/4’” plate internal stiffeners offer the additional benefit of a reinforced structure.

What are the Biggest Threats to Dust Efficiency?

We believe that our domed dust collector structure presents a solution to the biggest challenges in the manufacturing business. The above-described features account for the major problems that will confront every industrial manufacturer: combustion, exposure, and pollution.

  1. Combustion.  Fire explosion is a primary hazard that can only be avoided by preventing the build-up of dust particles. Employees should also be aware of the locations of the nearest fire extinguishers and the exit protocol in case of an emergency. While new OSHA guidelines have decreased the number of fires occurring in industrial plants in the U.S. it is estimated that there are still 30,000 facilities at risk for dust combustion.
  2. Exposure. According to the Vision Council, 61% of reported eye injuries occur in trade, manufacturing, and construction jobs. The eyes are exposed to chemical fumes, metal, dust, concrete, and other particles that can be injurious to the worker. Besides affecting the eyes, chemical exposure is also dangerous to the nervous, reproductive, and urinary systems. For these reasons, employees should always wear their personal protective equipment such as eye goggles and dust masks. A well-built dust collector decreases these risks by decreasing the amount of material that can exit the system.
  3. Pollution. When there is a high concentration of dust, smokes, and particles in the air, this affects the ability to breath. Inhalation of such particles can cause damage to the major organs and cause other health problems. Dust in particular can cause breathing problems, injuring the lungs and aggravating any health conditions the worker may already have. The presence of dust in the air is also a predictor of accidents, as the worker is less able to see in these environments.


Invest in Quality.

The domed roof design dust collector provides a one-piece structure that protects your workers against leakage and damage. With many risks at stake, it’s important to consider the best options for your company so that you can avoid being another explosion statistic! For more information or questions, please talk to us at Imperial Systems. We are available to help you decide the best dust collector for your current needs.

  • Ducting and Sheet Metal

Your Ducting And Sheet Metal Experts

Custom fit products for your custom fit facility.

When it comes to picking the right company to provide your ducting and sheet metal needs, you need to find a company you can trust. Start your search with Imperial Systems.

Here at Imperial Systems, we make you our priority. With a custom company like yours, we provide you with custom ducting and sheet metal work. In fact, before we became the ideal company to provide dust collection systems, we started out by fabricating custom sheet metal ductwork. In our 14 years of experience we have perfected our ducting and sheet metal work.

What Are The Benefits Of Imperial’s Ducting and Sheet Metal Services?

Our experience and expertise in ducting and sheet metal work comes as no surprise for those who have experienced our services. We offer hundreds of components for your systems’ needs. A few of our most popular items include:

  • Lock Seam Pipe – Used in light duty applications, abrasion for our lock seam pipes are not a problem. Lock seam pipes can be fabricated 24 gauge to 20 gauge.

  • Fabricated Gore Elbows – This elbow is utilized in virtually every industry, making it one of our most commonly fabricated parts. We have the ability to increase the radius for material handling applications and we can reduce the radius where abrasion is not a problem. A 2 x center line radius in light to medium applications and a 2 ½ center line radius for heavy material handling applications is very common. Standard elbow construction includes a 5 piece pattern, fully welded gores, a galvanized finish and a 2 x center line radius.

  • Fully Welded Pipe – Our standard fully welded pipe is one piece rolled and welded solid with one seam. All pipe measurements are OD x length. Fabricated in 5 foot lengths, our duct has the ability to be welded solid to any length required.

  • Heavy Duty Flat Back Elbows – These elbows are ideal for heavy wear applications. They are also square, typically with a 10 gauge housing and a ¼ inch plate back. This elbow can be bolted on or welded solid when replacing without removing an entire elbow.

  • Floor Sweeps – The face of the floor sweep has a hinged door that seals off air flow when it is not being used. The floor sweep also comes with a lever on the door that can be operated by foot.

You Solution Specialist

If you are looking for the products that we’ve listed, don’t forget that we carry hundreds of the products that you’ve been searching for. When it comes to duct and sheet metal we are your number one provider. For more information on our products, give us a call today at 1-800-918-3013.

Ducting and Sheet Metal | Ductings And Sheet Metal

Quality, Food Processing Industrial Replacement Cartridge Filters

Receive a fresh awareness of how dust can make or break your facility.

If you are in the food processing industry, you understand the importance of clearing the air through dust collection in your facility. Cross-contamination and sanitation standards are set at a high level for food processing facilities. So, how do you know you are keeping high standards? Imperial Systems has the answer with DeltaMAXX, our industrial replacement cartridge filters.

Industrial Replacement Cartridge FiltersSo how do our DeltaMAXX industrial replacement cartridge filters keep your facility safe and running smoothly? Let’s take a look at some problem areas that most facilities experience.


Safety In The Workplace

Keeping your facility clean is an important rule of safety in the workplace. In many food processing facilities, grain and dust accumulate on floors, causing them to become especially slippery. Keeping dust at bay can prevent many slip and fall injuries, allowing your employees to work at the speed they need without getting injured. This also prevents you from having to pay an exorbitant amount of workers compensation claims.

By using our industrial replacement cartridge filters you are also keeping your employees healthy by preventing airborne illnesses through ingesting allergen particles. These particles can cause not only serious illness, but even death.

By utilizing a proper dust collection system such as our CMAXX Dust Collection System, you can also prevent dust explosions caused by specific powders. With powders such as cornstarch (kst value of 202) and sugar (kst value of 138). The kst defines the value of a pressure wave.

Keep your facility up to OSHA standards with our DeltaMAXX industrial replacement cartridge filters.


How Do DeltaMAXX Industrial Replacement Cartridge Filters work?

Our DeltaMAXX industrial replace cartridge filters are the best in the business. With our Nanofiber Technology, you won’t get a better industrial cartridge filter anywhere else. Our DeltaMAXX filters will help keep your facility clean by providing:

  • Nanofiber technology, stopping submicron particles from becoming embedded into the media, before they even enter the filter.
  • The highest quality pleated media having a 99.9% efficiency
  • Reduced dust collector operational costs
  • The industry’s best surface loading technology
  • Lower operational mass emissions
  • The best in the industry, MERV15 filtration
  • Less pulse cleaning
  • and more..


Get Your Quality DeltaMAXX Filters Today

A fresh awareness of the importance of quality industrial replacement cartridge filters allows you to stay one step ahead and provide a safe, healthy, and productive workplace for you and your employees.

For more information on our DeltaMAXX filters, contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-918-3013.

Industrial Replacement Cartridge Filters | Industrial Replacement Cartridge Filter