Why You Might Not Want To Choose Competing Dust Collector Filters


Why You Might Not Want To Choose Competing Dust Collector Filters

Learn about the importance of dust filtration, and how different technologies create different models of filters.

Why are you looking? Have you become aware of the risks involved with metalworking that lead to dust explosions? Are you seeking a simple replacement? Perhaps you have just become aware of US laws requiring employers to maintain safety through proper equipment including dust collector filters.

competing dust collector filtersCompeting dust collector filters have been touted as one of the top air filtration instruments in the world. Air filters may be simple-looking, but they are complex tools that require constant innovation to maximize their efficiency as other technology changes. Competing dust collector filters are good, but they aren’t as good as you can get. If you want more affordable, with several important innovations on your dust filtration, check out Imperial Systems.

Why do you need air filtration technologies?

It is important to decide where to put your money in the search for an affordable, yet employee-friendly and safe environment. The relevance of the dust collection technologies cannot now be understated. Through the 1990s, a series of dust explosions at different manufacturing locations in the United States alerted officials to the importance of instituting standards for safety. Now, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) administers clear guidelines for these companies to minimize possibilities of accidents or deaths due to working conditions that are unsafe due to accumulation of dust.

Essentially, all you need for a dust explosion to occur is:

  1.      A combustible dust
  2.      Heat
  3.      Oxygen in the air (oxidizer)

If there is enough dispersion of dust particles and confinement of the dust cloud, you are in danger of a fire. For this reason only, you will want to be sure that your dust collector filter is a quality one.

What’s the Difference between Filter Types?

Dust filter types vary according to the materials used to make them. New technologies are used to improve their quality and performance. Dust filters rely on many interrelated functions that must work together in order for them to function properly. Pressure drop and elimination of contaminants are two areas where innovation is often pursued, so you may see differences between these.

Sometimes makers of these dust filter collectors must make decisions regarding whether a new technology will increase efficiency, or for example, be worth increasing efficiency if it produces an equally bad side effect. For example, ionic air cleaners have by-products that are harmful to people’s health.

Making the ideal air filter is challenging, but we believe that at Imperial Systems we are providing the best product on the market. Compared to competing dust collector filters, we offer:

  • Double the filter life in our air filter bags. Our advanced nanofiber technology and MERV 15 filtration efficiency equal higher efficiency and thus lower overall cost for you.
  • Heat-sealed airbag, ensuring containment of fine particles.
  • Welded seam filter bags, protecting from outside dust.
  • Advanced loading technology for better operational efficiency
  • Pleated media, of the highest quality, which guarantees .3 to .5 micron

We do all of this while staying affordable for the average metalworking manufacturer.

If you’re ready for a truly advanced, quality dust collection technology, please contact us. You won’t be disappointed. Imperial Systems at 800-918-3013.

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Your Best Options For An Industrial Dust Collector Solution

Imperial Systems offers your best options for the industrial dust collector solution your metalworking business needs.

As a metalworker, you know that dust and fumes can pose a significant threat to the safety of you, your team, and your workspace. If you are a new business, or have recently expanded, you may be looking for a way to deal with these problems as they grow along with your company.  At Imperial Systems, we understand that each metalworking business has different needs for their industrial dust collector solution.

Industrial Dust Collector Solution

Some need an entirely new system to address new problems; others may just need an upgrade to achieve a new level of efficiency or cleaner air.  Whatever kind of industrial dust collector solution you are looking for, though, you should be able to count on it for value, safety, and efficiency.  So, for both options below, Imperial Systems can provide the products and services you need to improve both your dust collection and your overall efficiency.

Solution #1: Install A High Performing Dust Collection System

If you do not currently have an industrial dust collection system, it is imperative that you install one soon.  Not only do OSHA and NFPA standards require sufficient dust and fume control, but your entire business will also benefit from the installation of the system, with greater efficiency and safety.

Imperial Systems’ CMAXX Dust Collector System is one of the top options on the market.  With vertical cartridge design and advanced, nanofiber technology, this system offers a much longer filter life than competitors.  Additionally, it is easy to use and offers high efficiency and increased cleaning power through its advantageous design. If you don’t currently have a dust collection system, this may be your best option to get started.

Solution #2: Add High Efficiency Filters To Your Current System

However, if you already have a dust collection system but are not satisfied with its efficiency, you can take steps to improve its performance.  Simply replacing your current filters with the high-performing DeltaMAXX cartridge filters can make a significant difference.

DeltaMAXX Replacement Cartridge Filters deliver the longest filter life, cleanest air, and greatest cost savings in the industry.  Additionally, this outstanding filter is made to fit all makes and models of dust collection systems, so you can improve performance without replacing the entire unit.

Call Imperial Systems For Your Industrial Dust Collector Solution

Which industrial dust collector solution will work best for you?  If you still aren’t sure which solution is right for your metalworking business, contact the service representatives at Imperial Systems today.  We will work to find, or design, the perfect dust collection solution to fit your needs.
Call us today at 800.918.3013.

Industrial Dust Collector Solution | Industrial Dust Collector Solutions

3 Reasons To Stop Buying Competing Industrial Dust Collector Filters

Check out Imperial Systems’ 3 great reasons to STOP buying competing industrial dust collector filters

In the metalworking industry, safety is your highest priority.  So, if your business has been around for some time now, you probably have an established system for dealing with the dust and fumes in your workshop.  If you are like many in the industry, you may have been relying on the competing industrial dust collector filters for years.  

competing industrial dust collector filtersHowever, did you know that, thanks to changes in the industry, this may not be your best option anymore?  At Imperial Systems, we want to make sure that you are getting the highest performance for the best price. So, we are proud to present the top three reasons that you can stop buying competing industrial dust collector filters.

  1. You’re Losing Money

Let’s face it: competing industrial dust collector filters provide great filtration, but they can also do some major damage to your budget.  Although you never want to cut corners when it comes to safety, it’s time to recognize that you can get even better filtration performance for less!  Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX filter is one of the top performers in the industry and lasts up to twice as long as the industry standard.  This lifespan, in addition to not having to pay for the expensive, big brand name, makes the DeltaMAXX a clear choice over the competition’s more expensive filters.

  1. Nanofiber Beats HemiPleat Filter Technology

The DeltaMAXX also makes use of a more advanced form of filtration technology.  Nanofibers, which are about 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair, can vastly improve efficiency, filter life, and ease of cleaning.  Independent studies have shown that Nanofiber technology is 50% efficient on .3-1.0 micron particles than the competition’s filter technology.  So, when you opt for DeltaMAXX filters, you are getting higher performance for a better price.

  1. You Don’t Have To Change Your Whole System To Upgrade

Although the DeltaMAXX filters are compelling, you may be thinking that this change isn’t worth the price of changing out your entire system.  The good news is, you don’t have to!  DeltaMAXX replacement cartridge filters are manufactured to fit every make and model of industrial dust collection system, so you can start getting a better performance and price today!

Get The Alternative To The Competing Industrial Dust Collector Filters Today

Are you ready to make the change from competing industrial dust collector filters?  Order your new filters today by calling Imperial Systems at 800.918.3013.

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What You Need to Know about Industrial Dust Collection Solutions

Read on to learn about industrial dust collection solutions systems, regulations, and common problems you will want to avoid.

In 2002, the US government put wood dust on its list of “known carcinogens,” which means that it is linked to health risks associated with nose, throat, and lung cancer. Other manufacturing industries such as the metalworking industry has known this fact for longer, but in any case it has taken a while for dust to become a serious industry issue. Since fire explosions from dust accidents in US factories started being recorded with more frequency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been providing stricter guidelines for dust regulation.

The best way to deal with this potential problem is to handle it before it starts handling you. Woodworking and metalworking tables often come with dust collectors, exhaust hoods, or ports for this reason. For example, an exhaust hood produces capture velocity, allowing the machine to “snatch” the dust particle and transport it away from the worker. Better yet, there are dust collection systems that can guarantee your safety that work in all industries.

What are Common Dust Control Problems?

 industrial dust collection solutionsIndustrial dust control solutions are important when dust has become a safety and health concern, not to mention protecting the business of your company by abiding by EPA regulations.

Common dust control areas include:

  • Reduced productivity because of excessive dust in the machines and environment
  • Flammability in the work environment, putting you at risk for explosions
  • Risk of being audited and found noncompliant in industry dust control standards
  • A variety of health risks for workers dealing with dust-related equipment for extended periods of time

What are the key terms to know?

System: The system refers to the hood, ductwork, collector, fan, and filters-the total sum of the parts working together. These components function to collect dust where it is produced at the source, detach it from the air, transport it to a different area, and recycle the cleaned air.

CFM: Stands for Cubic Feet per Minute- measures the volume of air flow

Static Pressure: Expresses resistance of the system, in inches of water column. This sums up entry, acceleration, collector, and filter loss.

Velocity: Expresses the air speed transported through the ducts. The airflow in the CFM is divided by the cross sectional duct area (square feet).

Talk to Us

Not sure if you’re meeting dust regulation standards or just concerned about keeping your system updated? It’s never good to leave things to chance. Check the status of your dust collectors and get real-time industrial dust control solutions from us at Imperial Systems. We’ve been at the forefront of the industry for years and lead innovations in dust collection and management. At Imperial Systems, we’re interested not just in giving you a one-time solution, but building a relationship that will help you to feel safe and prepared with industrial dust control solutions for years to come. Contact us at 800-918-3013 or visit our website at isystemsweb.com for more information.

No Metalworker Should Be Without This Industrial Dust Collector Service

As a metalworker, you deserve the best industrial dust collector service in the industry.

If you are in the metalworking business, you know that safety has to be a number one priority every day. Between dangerous processes, dust and fumes, and flying sparks, there are more than enough risks to keep you preoccupied.  However, your work requires your full attention to create the quality products your clients rely on.  To alleviate some of the stress and ensure the safety of your shop, you need a reliable industrial dust collector service on your side.  At Imperial Systems, we can help you understand the importance of the quality, safety, and value such a company should be able to provide you.

High Quality Products

industrial dust collector serviceFirst and foremost, you need an industrial dust collector service that can provide you with high quality products you can rely on.  When evaluating a company’s products, begin by ensuring that they will meet OSHA and NFPA standards for dust and fume collection.  However, these standards are just the minimum of what you should consider.  Although many products can deliver the necessary safety specifications, not all can deliver the value you need.

For any dust or fume collection productions, whether you are looking for an entire system or simply replacement cartridge filters, it is important to consider their efficiency.

  • Are you actually getting the cleanest possible air from this product?
  • Are they made to be energy efficient, or will they run up a massive electric bill with minimal results?
  • Are they made with the latest technology, or are they still using outdated modes of filtration?

Asking all of these questions will ensure that you find a dust collector service whose products can deliver the safety and value your metalworking business needs.

Outstanding Service

Of course, products are only half of the equation when it comes to the right industrial dust collector service.  It is also imperative to find a company who is dedicated to providing the best possible customer service.  Some larger services in the industry are so focused on mass producing their products that their customer service leaves a good deal to be desired.

You need a company who will help you engineer the solution that your shop needs instead of just giving you a sales pitch.  You also need quick order fulfillment and help with installation and maintenance from a crew who is efficient, knowledgeable, and professional.  If any of these elements of service are missing, you need to look for a different company.

The Industrial Dust Collector Service That Delivers

At Imperial Systems, you will find some of the highest performing products in the industry, offered alongside world class customer service.  For more information about our industrial dust collection products and services, contact us today at 800.918.3013.

Don’t Risk Your Business – Use Imperial Systems As Your Industrial Fume Extraction Company

Learn how to stop risking the health of your customers and the assets of your company, with Imperial Systems.

The importance in the standards of health and safety in the food processing industry are critical. If not taken seriously, obeying all rules and regulations, you could turn up with a tainted product that hurts someone costing them their health (or their life) and costing you a lot of money in court.

industrial fume extraction companyImperial Systems understands the importance of producing a quality food product with health and safety in mind. This is why they are the #1 choice as your industrial fume extraction company.

Why Do I Need An Industrial Fume Extraction Company?

In your processing plant there are particulates in the air that may cross contaminate your food. This may not sound too worrisome, but food is not the only thing floating around your processing plant. There is dust, debris, mold, and gasses to name a few. You also hold the risk if you produce something with peanuts, and others without, the peanut may somehow make it’s way into your non-peanut product, causing someone with an allergic reaction to eat it and risking their health because of the steps not taken to create a safe working environment.

Not only that, it helps keep your employees safe from inhaling the many harmful particulates and gasses in the air.

What Does A Fume Extractor Do?

A fume extractor takes all of the particulates and gasses in the air, and pulls it into itself to create a safe, dust and combustion free environment for your employees and customers. Our CMAXX Fume Extractor is a top of the line fume extraction system with features like:

  • Easy to install and use, prewired in the factory. When it comes to your processing plant, all you do is plug it in and push the button to turn it on.
  • Tool-free filter access and change out.
  • Premium reverse air cleaning system.
  • Can custom fit into virtually any location.
  • 3/16” plate with 10 gauge carbon steel construction.
  • 1400 sq. feet of filter media with DeltaMaxx fire retardant filters.
  • A pre-wired and pre-plumbed control panel with motor starter.
  • Fan silencer.
  • Optional integrated HEPA after filter.

If you have a fume extraction system that runs to your standard, you should consider the other products Imperial System can deliver. For an industrial fume extraction company, we carry a wide range of products to fit your company’s needs.

Our DeltaMAXX cartridge filter replacements are a great alternative to the ones you are currently using with your dust collectors. Deltamaxx provides you with:

  • The highly-advanced Nanofiber Technology
  • The highest quality pleated media
  • 99.9% Efficiency on 0.3 to 0.5 micron

Deltamaxx cartridge filters can fit in virtually any dust collector and fume extraction system.

Why go anywhere else for your air quality and safety needs? Give Imperial Systems a call at 1-724-662-2801 or fill out this online form, and let us be the industrial fume extraction company you can turn to!

Imperial Systems’ Replacement Filters Are More Than Just A Product

Don’t let your employees become a statistic. Put your trust in Imperial Systems.

Providing quality machinery in the metalworking industry is imperative in keeping a safe working environment. According to the International Labour Association*, there are reported to be more than 160 million people a year who suffer from a work-related disease. Every 15 seconds, a worker dies because of a work-related disease or illness. Don’t let your employees become a part of that statistic.

Replacement filters inside a CMAXX dust collector

Replacement filters recently installed in a CMAXX dust collector

With a purchase as simple as our DeltaMAXX replacement filters from Imperial Systems, you can help lead your employees in the right direction towards a healthier life.

You must be sure that your dust collector system is running at it’s best by using our DeltaMAXX replacement filters. Your employees will be able to work in a safe environment, decreasing their risk of diseases such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.These diseases can take decades to show up in our bodies, so make sure that you get started today in keeping your environment free of dust and debris.

Why Choose Imperial Systems for Replacement Filters?

One word. Quality.

Imperial Systems provides quality that is above reproach. We only seek standards of honesty and integrity when it comes to our products and services.  With our company you will find the highest standard of quality in our replacement filters because they are made with:

  • Nanofiber technology, stopping submicron particles from becoming embedded into the media, before they even enter the filter.
  • The highest quality pleated media having a 99.9% efficiency
  • Reduced dust collector operational costs
  • The industry’s best surface loading technology
  • Lower operational mass emissions
  • The best in the industry, MERV15 filtration
  • Less pulse cleaning
  • and more..

Along with our quality replacement dust collector filters, you will also experience our excellent customer service.