Why Abort Gates for Dust Collection Systems are Essential


Abort gates for dust collection systems are important components of your equipment’s overall function in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. There are two indicated uses for an abort gate: one for preventing sparks or embers from entering the dust collector, and another for redirecting contaminated air when the collection system is not operating properly. In the first use, the abort gate is activated by your spark detection equipment on the inlet, either in addition to or in place of an extinguishment system. In the latter use, the abort gate is located on the return air side of your dust collection system, and it is activated when a leak or a broken bag is detected.abort gates for dust collection systems

Imperial Systems’ Heavy Duty Abort Gates for Dust Collection Systems

Imperial Systems offers the full range of dust collection equipment, including high speed, heavy duty abort gates. We also offer the spark detection and extinguishment systems, where necessary; however, if you already have such a system in place, along with your current dust collection system, we have abort gates that are compatible with your existing equipment.

Some of the features of our abort gates for dust collection systems include:

  • Fail safe electromagnetic actuators
  • Gate accelerating springs
  • Manual crank gate reset
  • Full compatibility with all other brands of fire and explosion suppression equipment
  • Availability in many sizes, from four inches to sixty inches
  • Various optional features include a weather hood, ladder and service platform, support structure, and electric gate rest

We test all of our equipment before shipping and installing your abort gates for dust collection systems, so you can be sure that you will have the best protection against sparks, embers, and filter leakage. The heavy duty carbon steel construction is your safest support for the power of the gate accelerating spring system. While other, cheaper systems may be much lighter, they cannot provide the high speed that comes with our heavy duty abort gates.

Contact Imperial Systems to learn more about our heavy duty abort gates for dust collection systems.

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