Easy Air Flow Conversion


For those of you who are in the metalworking industry, you are well aware of the amount of particles floating about in the air. These fine particles and gasses make their clever way into the lungs of your employees, causing potential illness. It is imperative that you receive quality dust collection and fume extraction, and Imperial Systems can provide it! In order to discover what products are best for your facility, we have an easy air flow conversion calculator for free.

Easy Air Flow ConversionAir flow plays an important part in any manufacturing or metalworking industry due to the high level of dust. When you identify your air flow conversion, a sales engineer here at Imperial Systems will help you step by step to purchase the correct equipment for the needs of your facility.

How Do I Test My Air Flow?

Air in any enclosure is calculated by the volume of air in CFM (cubic feet per minute) and the given number of changes per hour. Then calculate the number of ACH (air changes per hour) and consider how much fume particles need to be removed. Applications for the air flow calculator include:

  • Grinding
  • Sand and shot blasting
  • Torch cutting
  • Detonation spray
  • Plasma spray
  • Arc gouging
  • Thermal spray
  • Robotic welding

What Product Is Right For My Facility?

Most of our metalworking companies reach for our CMAXX Laser Dust and Fume Extraction System. Advantages of the CMAXX Laser Dust and Fume Extraction system include but are not limited to:

  • Delivered pre-wired and ready to run – just wire, add compressed air and push that start button
  • Tool-free filter access and change out
  • Premium reverse air-cleaning system
  • Built in spark trap
  • Custom fits to your location
  • Fan silencer
  • DeltaMAXX fire retardant filters

For more information on how you can utilize our easy air flow conversion calculator, you can give us a call at 724.662.2801.

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