Air Purification Systems for Food Processing


As someone who owns or works for a business which handles food processing, you understand the importance of keeping a sanitary work place.  From washing down work surfaces and equipment to ensuring that workers are adequately protected, you understand the effort required to keep avoid contamination.  Keeping your food products safe and healthy is a big task that requires serious attention to details. But, what if despite your efforts, bacteria, dust, and chemicals still managed to get in?air purification systems

If your workplace does not have proper air purification systems in place, this could very well be the case.  Unfiltered air can bring in all sorts of debris, from mold or insects to chemicals or even bacteria (which may contaminate food or work surfaces).  To prevent such pollution of the processing environment, it is important to evaluate and regulate the airflow and filtration of the plant.

Another important reason to have air purification systems in place is to handle the dust and debris created by your own manufacturing processes.  Even though you may clean dust and other buildup off of equipment at the end of the day, it is more difficult to ensure that smaller particles of the same potential contaminants are not left airborne.  Not only can the accumulation of dust and fumes be a hazard to the purity of the food, but it can also pose a threat to the safety and wellbeing of workers and equipment as well.

Clearly, air purification systems are important parts of the overall wellness of your products, process, and people.  However, choosing a system and setup which will adequately support your business can be a challenge.  Instead of making guess work of a serious decision, turn to the dust professionals at Imperial Systems.  Our highly trained representatives will help you find the system right for you, and our field crews will help you to safely and effectively install your system. For more information about our air purification systems, contact us today.

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