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DeltaMAXX Bag House Filters Increases Safety For the BRF Dust Collector System

Choosing second best can cost lives!

The food processing industry has a wide array of categories of foods being processed. Foods like sugars, cereals, grains, dairy, spices, and many other foods that require an air purification and dust collector system to keep their employees safe and the contaminants out.  Imperial Systems, provides one of the best grain loading dust collection systems in North America.

Bag-House-FiltersWithin the last 35 years, grain dust explosions have cost the lives of “more than 180 people and injured 675 people” according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  To lessen the severity of grain dust explosions and to ensure the safety of those in the grain loading business, Imperial Systems Baghouse Dust Collector Systems along with our DeltaMAXX bag house filters are able to provide exceptional quality, value, and safety. To minimize injuries and the loss of life in the grain loading business don’t choose second best!

Why Our Bag House Filters and Dust Collector Systems Are Superior

Baghouse Dust Collector System

The dangers of grain loading requires a dust collector system you can trust to keep the dust and particulates under control.  You also need a dust collector system that’s in compliance with the safety guidelines of the NFPA and OSHA. Imperial Systems, BRF Baghouse Dust Collector does that and so much more!

  • NFPA approved explosion venting
  • Minimal wear on parts
  • Cleaning system comes with an 8 year warranty
  • Explosion proof electric motors within clean air plenum
  • Accommodates higher dust loads
  • Superior cleaning system
  • Strong and Precise welds
  • Sturdy 7 and 10 gauge construction
  • Minimum wear on part

Another added benefit to the BRF Dust Collector system is the filter life of our bag house filters!

DeltaMAXX Bag House Filters

Our DeltaMAxx filter bags will provide you with the longest filter life, the greatest cost of savings, and the cleanest air.   Our filters last twice as long as market standard filters. Our welded seam replacement filter bags reduce the risk of leaking particulates through the needle holes. Worrying about abrasive dust tearing apart the sewing at the seam is no longer an issue with these filters, and the method we use is more cost effective.

For three decades Imperial Systems has been dedicated in creating the safest and highest quality dust collector systems for your business. When you think safety think Imperial Systems! Contact us today at 800.918.3013 for more information on our grain loading dust collector systems.

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