CMAXX™: The Best Dust Collector System For Your Metalworking Facility


Metalworking facilities face the threat of fires or explosions on a daily basis. Across the globe, many manufacturing plants have experienced fatal explosions due to the accumulation of combustible dust. But the fires and explosions aren’t the only hazards metalworkers face on a daily basis. Metalworkers are exposed to metal dust, fumes, smoke, and chemicals which have caused long term and short term health conditions such as:  Cancers, asthma, pulmonary edema, and many more.

Best-Dust-CollectorSo what’s the solution to reducing the safety hazards metalworkers face daily across the country?  At Imperial Systems, we know that investing in a high quality dust collection system can reduce these risks. So why not invest in one of the best dust collector systems in North America?

The Benefits of Choosing the CMAXX™ Dust Collection System

Our CMAXX™ Dust Collection System is one of the best dust collector systems on the market because of its vertical cartridge design and advanced, nanofiber technology. This system offers a much longer filter life than other dust control systems. The newer bowed roof design has no bolt holes, no individual panels, and no roof seams between the modular.  Additionally, the CMAXX™ Dust Collector System has 10% more filter media than other same-sized vertical cartridge collectors.   It also  offers 20% more area around the cartridge filters causing more dust to drop in the hopper before attaching to the filters.

Here are a few more advantages to our CMAXX™ Dust Collection System:

  • 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Military Grade Door Latches
  • Increased Cleaning Power with  our Energy Efficient, High-Performance Manifold Mounted Pulse Valves
  • Less Service Time with the Tool-free, Heavy Duty Filter Door
  • Heavy Duty 7 & 10 Gauge Construction; Nickel Plated Hardware
  • Prevents water build-up on the top of the 90° inlet
  • PD Technology for maximum cleaning performance – Up to Twice the Filter Life
  • And So Much More…..

Contact Imperial Systems today to experience the CMAXX™ advantage!

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