A Better Fit For Metalworking Than Donaldson Replacement Industrial Cartridge Filters


If metalworking is an important part of your manufacturing business, you may be in the habit of using Donaldson replacement industrial cartridge filters in your dust collection system.  After all, Donaldson has been manufacturing and marketing popular dust collection equipment for decades.  However, although Imperial Systems is newer to the market, our products may be able to provide the higher levels of efficiency, safety, and quality that your metalworking business needs.

donaldson replacement industrial cartridge filtersAs metalworking tools and processes have developed, the need for better and more efficient dust collection equipment has also come about.  As a developing company ourselves, Imperial Systems have tuned into these growing needs and designed and manufactured products better able to handle these loads.  

For example, the DeltaMAXX cartridge filter is designed with the most advanced NanoFiber technology.  This high tech surface stops submicron particles from becoming embedded in the media below, extending the filter life and reducing the need for frequent cleaning.  These filters also have a MERV 15 filtration efficiency, the best in the industry.  By combining the extended life and improved efficiency, they can not only handle the most intense loads, but can also save you money along the way.  Best of all, DeltaMAXX filters are designed to fit almost all makes and models of industrial dust collection systems, so they can serve as a longer lasting alternative for Donaldson replacement industrial cartridge filters.

If you have been ordering the Donaldson replacement industrial cartridge filters for years and are looking for a longer lasting solution, it is time to switch to Imperial Systems.  In addition to providing superior products which save you time and money, we also provide some of the best service in the industry.  From expert representatives dedicated to solving your dust collection problems to quick shipping, we are dedicated to helping you get what you need to keep your metalworking processes going smoothly.
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