The Alternative to Donaldson Torit Industrial Dust Collector Filters


Donaldson torit industrial dust collector filters are well known in the metalworking industry for the high quality and long lifespan. However, in your experience, as in many others’, they may also be notorious for their high prices.  When the time comes to replace these filters again, it may be time to think about your options.  Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice any of the efficiency or lifespan of the Donaldson torit filter, but surely there must be other options!  At Imperial Systems, we are happy to announce that there is an alternative to the Donaldson Torit industrial dust collection filters that more than stands up to the comparison.

donaldson torit industrial dust collector filtersImperial Systems has manufactured the DeltaMAXX industrial dust collection filters to fit almost every make and model of dust collection system.  These versatile filters have consistently performed at the top of their class.  Both the DeltaMAXX and Donaldson Torit industrial dust collection filters have a MERV 15 efficiency rating, the highest grade in the industry.  Both also use the most advanced nanofiber technology.  However, Imperial Systems’ filters begin to leave Donaldson’s behind when you look at filter life.  The DeltaMAXX filters have been proven to have up to twice the filter life of the competition.  On technical specifications alone, our filters are the better option.

However, when choosing a company to work with, it is important to consider the service you will receive in addition to the products.  At Imperial Systems, we provide the personalized and expert service you want in an industrial dust collection equipment manufacturer.  Our representatives will work with you to find the precise solution for your metalworking shop.  Then, once we’ve found it, we are able to ship most products out within 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about losing any time waiting for us.

For more information about the outstanding products and services you will receive from Imperial Systems, contact us today.

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