The Importance Of High-Quality Duct Fabrication


In the food processing market, one very important aspect of the food processing facility is the functionality of the Dust Collector Systems and Air Purification Systems. Quality duct fabrication is key to keeping these systems functioning properly.

Ducts play a vital role of your dust collection/air purification system, and exceptional duct fabrication is desired for optimum results.duct fabrication

Dust Collection

Dust collection ductwork is divided into two main categories. The first category is ductwork that is made up of flexible rubber or plastic. This type of ductwork is typically not sufficient for industrial-grade equipment.

The second types of dust collection ducts are, however, used for most industrial applications. That type is the hard, fixed ductwork that is usually made up of steel or very hard plastic. When it comes to industrial workplaces, you will almost always find metal ductwork because it reduces dangers having to do with static buildup. Here at Imperial Systems we can assist you in making sure that you have the right equipment and duct fabrication for the job.

Air Purification

When working in food processing, you understand the importance of keeping a sanitary work place.  From washing down work surfaces and equipment to ensuring that workers are adequately protected, you understand the effort required to avoid contamination.  Keeping your food products safe and healthy is a big task that requires serious attention to detail. But, what if despite your efforts, bacteria, dust, and chemicals still managed to get in?

If your workplace does not have proper air purification systems and quality duct fabrication in place, this could very well be the case.  Unfiltered air can bring in all sorts of debris, from mold or insects to chemicals or even  bacteria.  To prevent such pollution of the processing environment, it is important to evaluate and regulate the airflow and filtration of the plant.

Imperial Systems offers advanced, quality duct fabrication that are proven to get the job done. With the newest technology and highest efficiency ratings, Imperial’s products are sure to fulfill your duct fabrication needs. Give us a call today!

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