Ducting and Sheet Metal From Imperial Systems


Although Imperial Systems is known primarily for dust collection systems, we also manufacture quality ducting and sheet metal. After all, a premium dust collection system can only be as good as the ductwork that is connected to it. So, we are proud to offer both to ensure an optimal dust collection experience.ducting and sheet metal

As our customer reviews will tell you, we are certainly trusted as a supplier of dust collectors, but we are also recognized and trusted for our ducting work. We are often relied on to take on jobs focused on ducting and sheet metal. The clients from those jobs will tell you that our standard of quality applies to our ductwork and sheet metal.

Take, for instance, the job we did at the Longaberger Company. This manufacturer of home goods in Ohio was downsizing to a smaller building that needed upgraded ductwork. They called on Imperial systems to move their dust collection system and install new ductwork in the smaller building.

Longaberger was looking for a proven company with trusted experts and a high standard for quality. They found that in Imperial Systems and we accomplished the job very satisfactorily. The Longaberger Company was impressed by our professional service and the way that we addressed their specific needs.

Not only does this example show that Imperial Systems is more than just a dust collector manufacturer, but it also exhibits our services. We do offer quality products, but we also offer trusted and proven installation services. Speaking of products, however, Imperial systems offers a variety of pro-grade ducting products like pipes, elbows, and sweeps. A variety of sizes and strengths of these products means we offer something for every type of application.

For all of your dust collection needs, including ductwork, contact Imperial Systems today!

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