Imperial Systems Customizes Ductwork Supplies For the Metalworking Industry


Imperial Systems is one of the top manufacturers in North America for dust collection and fume extraction systems, but did you know we first started our business by fabricating ductwork supplies to the metalworking industry?  We started our business by making customizable sheet metal ductwork, and the good news is we haven’t stopped.   We continue to be the industry leading experts in all your ductwork needs!

Ductwork-SuppliesWithout the proper ductwork, metalworking can pose some safety concerns, such as harmful  fumes, combustible dust, sparks, and smoke.  These safety concerns can be exasperated if your current ductwork shows any signs of visible damage, corrosion, is outdated, or doesn’t meet the current OSHA guidelines. Imperial Systems has over a decade of expertise and knowledge in producing the nation’s highest quality ductwork for the metalworking industry.

Our extensive catalog of ductwork supplies can be customized to your needs.  Below is a list of ductwork parts we can offer:

  • Lock Seam Pipe used for light duty applications. If abrasion is not a problem for you the lock seam pipe works effectively. Can be fabricated from 24ga. to 20 ga.
  • Fully Welded Pipe is our standard one piece pipe welded solid with one seam.  It can be welded solid to any length that you need. Smooth inside and free of burrs or any rough edges. These pipes come in galvanized, stainless, painted, or black carbon.
  • Floor Sweeps a unique door that seals off air flow when not in use. Provides a lever on the side that can be operated by foot.
  • Fabricated Gore Elbows is the go-to ductwork used in the metalworking industry, but because of its flexibility can be used in practically any industry.  These elbows can be fabricated from 16ga. to ⅜” plated and come in galvanized, black carbon, or painted.
  • Heavy Duty Flat Back Elbows are great for heavy wear applications.  These offer the convenience of having the back plate welded solid or bolted on for replacement.

Imperial Systems wants to be your top ductwork supplier!  Call us today at 800.918.3013 to get more information on our ductwork supplies.

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