The Importance of Ductwork Design


If you have been working in the metalworking industry, you understand the important role ductwork design plays in the safety of each workplace. Metalwork creates a lot of harmful fumes and particles, and without proper ductwork in place and enough ventilation, dust particles and fumes may be inhaled and as a result harm the lungs. At Imperial Systems Inc., we have over a decade of knowledge and experience in producing the country’s best ductwork products, and with our expertise, we will assess your company’s needs then provide you with the best products on the market to ensure your safety in the work environment.  

ductwork designSpecific Ductwork Design Options

Over 10 years ago, Imperial Systems operated as a ductwork company, and now we have expanded our operations to include dust collector systems. So, our roots take us back to ductwork design.

Commercial ductwork designs include pipes and elbows. We make two types of pipes: lock seam pipe and fully welded pipe. Lock seam pipe’s sheet metal thickness is between 20-24 gauge, and it is suitable for places where abrasion is not a concern. While lock seam pipe is considered light weight, the fully welded pipe is our heavy duty option. It comes in one piece with one seam and the metal thickness is 16 gauge to ⅜” plate.

Just like the pipes, we offer two elbow options: fabricated gore elbows and heavy duty flat back elbows. The first one is our most popular choice due to its flexibility and capability to be customized for any type of industry. Of course, the second one, like its name suggests, is designed to handle large amounts of abrasion, but they can also be fitted to meet your specific needs.  

To learn more about our company’s ductwork designs, check out our website or contact us at 800-918-3013. We look forward to hearing from you regarding your company’s needs.

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