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In the world of food processing, your dust collection and control systems play important roles in every level of safety.  Not only do they keep dust from accumulating in the air and causing health problems to those working with the equipment, but they also help to keep the products themselves safe.  Because your products are made for consumption, sanitation holds an importance unparalleled in many other fields.  Furthermore, depending on what type of food you manufacture, combustion of dust may also be a concern to take into account.  So, when it comes to system design and ductwork installation, you need to work with a company who can address all of these needs.  At Imperial Systems, we can.ductwork installation

Even if you have the most advanced dust collection system, its ultimate efficacy will depend, to a significant degree, upon the ductwork you have supporting it.  Not only do you need these to be airtight and able to handle the various loads produced by your food products, but you also need them to be customized to fit the space and setup of your processing plant.  At Imperial Systems, we understanding that quality, safety, and value are all on your mind as you look for a service to provide system design and ductwork installation.  With over a decade of experience in customized sheet metal ductwork, we have what it takes to address all of your concerns with a safe and efficient system.

Of course, customized sheet metal ducts and ductwork installation are only the beginning of the excellent work done at Imperial Systems.  We also design and manufacture some of the highest performing dust collection systems on the market, including the longest lasting industrial dust collection cartridge filter.  And no matter what product you need, you can have confidence it will come with helpful, efficient, and professional customer service.

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