Experience The Advantage Of Our DeltaMAXX™ Dust Collector Cartridges


Imperial Systems has been providing quality dust collection systems and dust collector cartridges for all avenues of the manufacturing industry for over a decade. We’re are among the top dust collection equipment manufacturing businesses in North America.

Dust-Collector-CartridgesAt Imperial Systems, we continually meet the safety standards set by the National Fire Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. But we don’t just  want to be known for meeting the standards set by OSHA and the NFPA, we have built a reputation for going above and beyond these safety standards so that your manufacturing facility knows that with us–your safety is our priority.

As a manufacturing business you need peace of mind that your employees and business operations are safe from the daily reality of toxic fumes, fires, and explosions. Well, at Imperial Systems, we’re the dust collector filter cartridge manufacturer  that works hard to give you the peace of mind you deserve with our top dust collector cartridges.

If you’re wondering how Imperial Systems can give you the peace of mind you need, just take a look at the incredible features we offer with our DeltaMAXX™ dust collector cartridge filters:

  1. Nanofiber Technology The Nanofiber technology prevents submicron particulates from embedding into the media beneath the nanofiber.
  2. High Initial Efficiency The nanofiber gives our filters the advantage of operating at it’s peak performance immediately. No need to allow it to warm up to hit its peak performance.
  3. Easier Pulse Cleaning Again because of the nanofiber technology, the particulate matter rests on the surface giving an added benefit of easier pulse cleaning.
  4. Superior Surface Loading Performance  – Less buildup leads to a longer filter life.
  5. Fit For All Makes And Models If you’re worried about our DeltaMAXX Dust collector cartridges not working for you. Don’t fret! Our replacement cartridge filters are made for many makes and models of cartridge dust collection systems.

Contact Imperial Systems today so we can provide you with the quality, savings, safety, and efficiency you deserve in your manufacturing facility!

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