Control Safety Hazards With DeltaMAXX™ Dust Collector Filters


f you work in a manufacturing industry, chances are you are exposed to certain safety hazards caused by combustible dust and other air pollutants. Combustible dust and air pollutants can cause fires, explosions, and health issues if they aren’t controlled and contained with top quality dust collection systems and dust collector filters.

At Imperial Systems, we have been designing and installing custom industrial dust collection systems with the strongest, most durable, fabrication to meet our customer’s needs for over a decade! Not only do we meet the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, but we go above and beyond these standards to ensure you have the most efficient and longest lasting dust collection systems and dust collector filters in North America!

DeltaMAXX™ Dust Collector Filters: Giving You An Advantage in SafetyDust-Collector-Cartridges

Imperial Systems understands the importance of safety. That’s why our DeltaMAXX™ replacement cartridge filters are able to provide you with lasting peace of mind because of their many outstanding features:

  • Our filters have an advanced nanofiber technology that stops submicron particles from embedding deep within the media beneath nanofiber.
  • Our nanofiber technology gives us another advantage with our MERV 15 superior filtration efficiency.
  • Because of this, operational costs of your dust collector systems will be reduced.
  • If you don’t have our CMAXX™ dust collector system you can still use our dust collector filters. The advantage to our replacement cartridge filters is that they can be used with most makes or system models.
  • Our filters stand up against harsh operating conditions and has twice the filter life compared to industry standard filters.

It’s time to experience the quality of our DeltaMAXX™ dust collector filters! Contact Imperial Systems at 800-918-3013 to make the switch today! Click here and discover a few more ways to increase the life of your replacement filters.