The Qualities of Dust Collection Replacement Cartridge Filters You Can Trust


When the time comes to order new dust collection replacement cartridge filters for your metalworking business, how can you be sure you are getting the best product?  At Imperial Systems, we want you to have confidence in the filters you choose.  So, make sure that you check any replacement cartridge filter for these three qualities.

NanoFiber Technology

dust collection replacement cartridge filtersAdvanced NanoFiber technology is one of the first things to look for in your new dust collection replacement cartridge filters.  A surface made of these unique, synthetic fibers block submicron particles from entering the filter before they are able to become embedded in the media below.  This superior layer of protection vastly improves the efficiency of your dust collection system, as well as making for easy cleaning of the filter.  Because the particulates do not become embedded in the media, dust is easily pulsed off.

Vertical Design

A vertical cartridge design is also an important characteristic in the highest performing dust collection replacement cartridge filters. Although many filters are designed to work horizontally, at Imperial Systems, we have designed a filter that works with the flow of gravity through its vertical design.  This means that the filter is completely used, without the buildup of debris that often happens in the alternative design.  So, your filter will be working at 100% capacity, ensuring a more efficient and cleaner dust collector system.


Finally, when you buy a dust collection replacement cartridge filter, you also initiate a relationship with the provider.  What kind of service are you getting?  Instead of impersonal and slow service from a larger manufacturer, look for the benefits of a smaller company like Imperial Systems.  Even as we provide world class products to metalworking businesses like yours all over North America, we maintain the professionalism, efficiency, and personal touch of a company that really has your best interest in mind.

For more information about Imperial Systems’ dust collection filters and other services, contact us today.