Are You Looking for a Better Dust Collector Solution?


Whether yours is a school woodworking shop or a larger carpentry-based manufacturing business, the fact remains that dust is inevitable byproduct of any project you take on.  Some sawdust and filings are large enough to be swept up easily, but others are tiny particles that accumulate in the air and on the equipment you and your workers are using.  To ensure the wellbeing of your shop, equipment, and those who use it, you need an effective dust collector solution.  Although there are a variety of these collection systems on the market, when you compare their performance, it is clear that Imperial Systems’ products come out on top. dust collector solution

The star of the show is the CMAXX Dust Collector System, which uses revolutionary technology to achieve maximum cleaning performance.  Increased filter media and a greater internal area work together to increase cleaning efficiency, even as vertical cartridges and nanofiber technology ensure the longest filter life on the market.  Additionally, the system operates at a higher efficiency, reducing your overall operational costs, even as it decreases service time with a tool-free heavy duty filter door.  Altogether, the CMAXX system is one of your best options for resolving dust accumulation issues in your wood shop.

Even if you have an established dust collector solution, but want to increase its efficiency, Imperial Systems can help.  DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters, which offer up to twice the filter life of industry standards,  are manufactured for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors.  So, your existing system can incorporate the advantages of less pulse cleaning and the highest efficiency media by simply switching filters.

For more information about these dust collector solutions or other products and services from Imperial Systems, contact us today!  Our friendly and knowledgeable service representatives will help you find the solution that fits the needs of your shop.

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