Explosion Prevention in Metalworking


How Do Explosions Happen?

There are many dangers for employees in the metalworking industry, but a common danger in the workplace is an explosion. In order to have a fire break out, there must be 3 components present: a type of combustible dust which acts as the fuel, an ignition source which acts as the heat, and oxygen. To compound the issue and cause a dust explosion, there must also be a dispersion of dust particles in a certain concentration and a confinement of the dust cloud. Add all those variables together and you’ll have a dust explosion. The industrial sphere of society of very aware of the risks and should always practice explosion prevention in the workplace.

explosion preventionImportant Explosion Prevention

Preventing explosions or fires at work is very important. There are many steps you can take. Safety should always be your first priority. Metal dust such as aluminum and magnesium can easily combust and cause many injuries. Make sure to: follow a mandatory cleaning program to minimize accumulation of dust, follow OSHA’s standards for dust control, wear protective equipment and clothing when working with combustible dust, use flameless explosion vents, use proper ventilation and dust collection or extraction systems, train workers on safety protocol, and maintain equipment.

Our Products Can Help

Imperial Systems is the industry’s leading dust control specialists. We have many products that can help you keep your workplace safe with explosion prevention. Our CMAXX laser fume extraction system comes to your door completely wired from the factory. All you need to do is plug it on and press start. We offer custom ductwork and fittings, so that every duct and fitting is perfectly shaped and connected to your system. Our CMAXX Dust Collector System is designed with brand new cutting edge PD technology and allows maximum cleaning performance with our special filters.

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