Save Time & Money By Switching From Gold Series Cartridge Filters


How long have you been buying FARR Gold Series cartridge filters?  And over those years, how much have you invested in these filters?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  More?  Whether your company has only been around for a couple years, or it has been in the industry for decades, chances are that you have already made a significant investment in these high performing filters.

Gold Series Cartridge FiltersYou know that you are making an investment in the safety of your employees, workplace, and even your equipment.  Choosing high quality cartridge filters to collect the dust and fumes put off by your manufacturing processes is absolutely imperative.

But did you know you can get an even safer products than Gold Series cartridge filters for less?

At Imperial Systems, we continue to be innovative leaders in the industrial dust filter industry.  using the latest, nanofiber technology, we have created one of the highest performing cartridge filters in the industry.  The DeltaMAXX cartridge filter has a MERV 15 efficiency rating and provides cleaner air for less energy.  Additionally, because less pulse cleaning is necessary with our filter, they offer a lifespan up to twice that of the industry standard.  Such a significantly longer lifespan means major savings for you, as well as less downtime in your shop as you wait for replacement.

Our DeltaMAXX filters are also made to fit all makes and models of industrial dust collectors, and most products can ship out within 24 hours of placing your order.  So, no matter what system you have in place, you are not stuck using Farr Gold Series cartridge filters; you can enjoy the higher efficiency and the savings offered by the DeltaMAXX filters as early as tomorrow!

To learn more about the DeltaMAXX cartridge filter or our other outstanding products and services, you can contact one of our representatives today by calling 800.918.3013.

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