How To Calculate Air Flow For Your Manufacturing Facility


In manufacturing industries, it’s important to safeguard your employees, your facility and the product that you manufacture. First, it is important to implement safety standards, such as training your employees keep the facility and equipment clean, requiring employees to wear safety masks, and training employees to recognize potential dangers. Next, you must install a quality dust and fume collection systems. In order to make sure you receive the right dust and fume collection systems for your facility, you need to know how to calculate air flow.

Why Do I Need to Calculate Air Flow?

How-To-Calculate-Air-FlowAir flow calculations help pinpoint the exact needs for your facility. Not all manufacturing facilities have the same requirements, so while one quality works for one facility, the needs of your facility may be handled differently. Here’s what your dust collection system needs to be efficient for your needs:

  • The collection system must to be large enough to carry dust, fumes, and smoke away from your machinery, your work area, and your employees.
  • To overcome static pressure loss it is mandatory that it is the correct size.
  • It needs to be small enough in order to do the job right and not produce unnecessary cost.

Here’s How To Calculate Air Flow

Our easy to use Air Flow Calculator will help measure the volume of air in an enclosure and calculate the amount by the cubic feet per minute (CFM) in accordance to the number of air changes per hour. Consider the amount of particles, fumes, and dust that must be removed when you calculate the ACH (air changes per hour). No matter what manufacturing industry you’re in, our air flow calculator can best determine how much dust collection and control is necessary and what equipment you need for your workplace.

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