DeltaMAXX™: A Longer Lasting Industrial Cartridge Filter


Are you wanting to improve the efficiency of your dust collection system? Are you becoming increasingly disappointed in some of the replacement cartridge filters you’ve chosen? Has your budget gone down the drain since you’ve used off brand cartridge filters that need constant replacing?

At Imperial Systems, we understand the need for highly efficient and cost effective replacement industrial cartridge filters.  For over a decade, we have improved and found innovative ways to increase the life of our filters while being conscious of the cost. We don’t want any manufacturing business to sacrifice safety for savings. That’s why our DeltaMAXX™ replacement cartridge filters gives you efficiency and savings at a price your manufacturing facility can afford.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a DeltaMAXX™ Industrial Cartridge Filters

  1. Industrial-Cartridge-FilterTwice the Filter LifeOur advanced NanoFiber technology stops submicron particles from entering and deeply embedding into the media beneath the NanoFiber. The nanofiber technology prolongs the life of our filters giving you twice the filter life. The longer filter life of our industrial cartridge filters minimizes workers exposure to dust, saves on maintenance, and disposal costs.
  2. Superior Efficiency – Our nanofiber technology is simply the best by giving our filters the ability to work at their peak performance immediately. Other filters require time to warm up in order to perform at their peak, but not our DeltaMAXX™ replacement cartridge filters! Due to our highest quality pleated media our filters have a high efficiency of 99% .3 -.5 Miron.
  3. Surface Loading PerformanceAdding to the longer filter life you need is the best surface loading performance in the industry. The DeltaMAXX™ industrial cartridge filter uses less compressed air due to the reduced buildup in and on the filters. Less buildup means fewer pulses, and fewer pulses means a longer filter life.

If you want a filter that gives you longer filter life, superior efficiency at a price that saves you money then contact Imperial Systems at 800-919-3013. For more ways to maintain the efficiency of your industrial cartridge filters click here!

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