The Industrial Air Purification Solution You’ve Been Looking For


Whether your manufacturing business is new, or you have been working with wood and metal for years, you are probably well aware of the challenges posed by dust accumulation.  Even as you work to design, create, and perfect your products, dust and fumes accumulate in the air, on the ground, and even in the equipment you use.  This buildup is more than just a mess; it poses a significant safety hazard to your employees, equipment, and your workspace if allowed to go on unchecked.  You need an industrial air purification solution that can handle the load of your metalworking, carpentry, as well as any combination of the two.  industrial air purification solution

Fortunately, the dust control experts at Imperial Systems know what it takes to create an effective industrial air purification solution.  With years of innovative engineering, we have developed dust collection equipment that offer the most durable and efficient service on the market.  And, because we realize that each business has different needs based on their product and dust payload, we have a variety of systems that can be customized to your particular specifications.

If you are working primarily with wood and so experience a significant accumulation of dust, consider the CMAXX Dust Collector System.  With advanced nanofiber filters and a long-lasting vertical cartridge design, this system has been rated Best in Class for efficiency and filter life.

However, if your business incorporates metalworking, either as a primary focus or an addition, your needs for an industrial air purification solution will differ.  In addition to an accumulation of dust, cutting metal can create noxious fumes which are unpleasant and unsafe for employees to be breathing in.  The CMAXX Fume Extraction System offers that same superior cleaning efficiency and long-lasting filter life while effectively clearing the air of harmful fumes.

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