Three Industrial Air Purification Systems & Identifying Which Is Right For Your Business


If you are looking into industrial air purification systems for your manufacturing business, you have likely found that there are a variety of options on the market. Deciding which one is right for you may seem like a challenge, but these three options from Imperial Systems make it easy to get started.industrial air purification systems

CMAXX Dust Collector System

Among industrial air purification systems that remove dust from the air of your workspace, the CMAXX Dust Collector System stands out for its high efficiency and long filter life. With a low profile and the lowest internal velocities, the system saves space while offering twice the filter life of others in its class. Cleaning power isn’t lost in these other advantages, though; with 100% total pulse distribution across the filter media, you get up to 40% more cleaning power. For those working in food processing or wood-working, the CMAXX Dust Collector System is a great option.

CMAXX Laser Fume Extraction System

If you are seeking industrial air purification systems that can deal with the added load of noxious fumes created in plasma or metal cutting, the CMAXX Laser Fume Extraction System provides a new level of clean. Not only is it easily adaptable to fit any location, but it is also easy to use, with tool-free filter access and change out. This system is designed to be used with the DeltaMAXX Replacement Cartridge Filters, which offer the best efficiency and longest filter life in the industry, thanks to advanced NanoFiber technology.

BRF Baghouse Dust Collector

Finally, if your manufacturing business works in grain processing, whether large or small, the BRF Bag-house Dust Collector is specifically designed to handle the heavy load from the processes involved. This industrial air purification system is OSHA and NFPA compliant, ensuring that even as air is purified, the dangers of explosion are minimized. It, too, makes use of a DeltaMAXX filter bag with up to twice the lifespan of standard polyester options, offering savings in time and money.

For more information about these industrial air purification systems and others, contact Imperial Systems today.

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