Imperial Systems: The Best Industrial Ductwork For The Metalworking Industry


If you’ve been in the metalworking industry for any amount of time then you know that metalworking produces an environment that can be unhealthy to the workers without the proper industrial ductwork.  Some of the hazards that metal fabricators encounter are sparks, fumes, dust, and smoke that occurs during the metalworking process.

Industrial DuctworkOne of the most efficient metalworking processes is done with plasma cutting or laser cutting.  Plasma cutting produces some of the most optimum cuts within the metalworking industry. However, some of the dangers associated with plasma cutting is due to the smoke produced.   Hexavalent Chromium or Hex Chrome is a smoke that increases the chances of lung cancer.  In the metalworking industry, it is imperative that the proper industrial ductwork is installed to combat the dangers of the job.  

Imperial Systems has been providing quality industrial ductwork for over the last ten years.  We provide an array of ductwork supplies that can be customized to your needs.

Elbow Options

  • Fabricated Gore Elbows are commonly used in the metalworking industry. It’s flexibility makes it capable of fitting any industry.  These can be fabricated from 16 gauge to ⅜” plate.
  • Heavy Duty Flat Back Elbows Commonly used for heavy wear applications. Flat Back portion can be welded or bolted on for replacement so you won’t have to remove the whole elbow.  It typically has a 10 gauge housing and A ¼” plate back.  The backs can be fabricated from stainless steel, T1 Ware plate, mild steel, or abrasive resistant plate.


Pipe Options

  • Lock Seam Pipe Can be fabricated from 24 gauge to 20 gauge. Commonly used in light duty applications where abrasion is not an issue.
  • Fully Welded Pipe  Fabricated in 5” lengths and has the capability to be welded to any length required. The welded pipe can be fabricated 16 gauge to ⅜” plate.  Used in heavy duty applications. Free of burr and rough edges.

When you provide your metalworkers with the strongest most durable ductwork it will keep them safe from sparks, dust, and fumes. Call Imperial Systems today and get more information on the best industrial ductwork for your metalworking facility.

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