Imperial Systems Presents The Best Industrial Dust Collector Cartridge Filters For Metalwork


When it comes to quality product in dust collection, nothing beats DeltaMAXX; Imperial Systems’ industrial dust collector cartridge filters. Imperial’s DeltaMAXX filters are made with Nanofiber technology, bringing you the highest level of effectiveness when it comes to filters.

What is Nanofiber Technology?

Nanofiber is a tight-knit surface level on the top of the filter, with 4 main benefits.

  1. industrial dust collector cartridge filtersCustomization. A nanofiber layer can be applied to any filter because it comes in any shape or size.
  2. Longer Life. The filter life with nanofiber technology allows for one filter to be sufficient for a long period of time, which saves you money for replacements.
  3. Easy Cleaning. Due to the tight-knit surface level, the dust on the surface will come right off during the clean, preserving filter life, saving you money and time cleaning.
  4. High Efficiency. The average filter takes some warming up to work on it’s most efficient level, but with Nanofiber technology, the filter is already substantial enough without warming up, you get instant results.

The DeltaMAXX Advantage

The advantages of DeltaMAXX’s industrial dust collector cartridge filters seem endless because of their many benefits. Aside from Nanofiber technology, DeltaMAXX provides:

  • Up to twice the filter life
  • MERV15 filtration, the best in the industry
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Low operational mass emissions
  • Less pulse cleaning
  • Best surface loading technology
  • Highest quality of pleated media

Along with these benefits, you also receive the highest quality service with Imperial Systems. Our goal is to form a relationship with our clients, not only giving them the highest quality product, but meaningful service, always looking out for the client’s best interest.

Avoid large pricetags and impersonal service for your metalworking business and depend on Imperial for all of your dust collection needs.

If you would like more information on DeltaMAXX Industrial dust collector cartridge filters, contact Imperial Systems today!

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