Testing to Choose Industrial Dust Collector Replacement Cartridge Filters


If your industrial workplace has a dust collector system, you have probably been very interested in determining which industrial dust collector replacement cartridge filters are the best for getting the most out of your system. One of the best ways to determine whether a filter is fitting for your workplace is to test the dust from your system.industrial dust collector replacement cartridge filters

For many years, many industrial companies have used dust testing as an effective way to gain information about dust collection. This process necessitates the collection of dust samples that can be tested in a couple of different ways.

The two primary types of dust testing are bench testing and explosibility testing. The former identifies physical properties of the dust sample and the latter establishes whether or not the dust is explosive.

Bench testing is the culmination of a number of different tests including particle size analysis, visual analysis, and moisture analysis. Each of these tests determines the necessary filter efficiency and filter design for your system in your workplace. Once these things are determined, you will have a better idea about which industrial dust collector replacement filters are right for you.

The testing does not stop there, however. You will want to have explosibility testing done in a lab in order to determine whether or not you are dealing with combustible dust in your workplace. If you find that you are, you will then need to make sure that you are using industrial dust collector system replacement filters that are designed for such dust. You will also want to invest in the necessary explosion protection equipment.

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