Industrial Dust Collectors You Can Depend On


Dust and fume control is a critical issue in many industrial environments, whether you are working with metals, fiberglass, food, or various chemicals. If you are responsible for the well being of your employees in your manufacturing facility, you most likely already have a system in place for collecting dust and limiting the amount of potentially harmful fumes to which your workers are regularly exposed. If you are not sure about the integrity of your system, or if it is time to replace or upgrade your equipment in order to comply with OSHA standards or DEP regulations, you should consider making an investment in the best industrial dust collectors on the market.industrial dust collectors

At Imperial Systems, we have over ten years of experience in dust collection and air pollution control, and we are dedicated to creating and manufacturing the best industrial dust collectors and filters for our customers. In addition to the obvious health concerns and regulatory issues, maintaining clean air is essential in order to extend the life of your own equipment, and it can prevent a great deal of time wasted on cleaning dust from your machinery and the various surfaces around your facility. The fine particulates that result from cutting and processing metals and other materials can be a costly nuisance, not to mention life threatening.

Discover the Advantages of Imperial Systems’ Industrial Dust Collectors

Our CMAXX Dust Collector System, along with our other state-of-the-art dust collection equipment, is designed for maximum performance, energy efficiency, and extending filter life up to twice the duration of other systems. In addition, our DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters use the most advanced NanoFiber technology available to provide:

  • Superior capture of particulates
  • Longer filter life
  • Significant energy savings

If you are not yet ready to replace your current system, we offer DeltaMAXX filters that are compatible with many different industrial dust collectors.

Contact Imperial Systems today for a quote on a new dust collection system for your facility. We look forward to helping you make a wise investment in the health of your employees and your bottom line.

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