The Importance of Industrial Dust Extraction


An industrial dust extraction system is a critical part of an industrial work facility. Without dust collections systems, most industrial process could not be able to happen at all. All forms of metal working are industrial processes that require a dust collection system.industrial dust extraction

A very simplified way of understanding dust collection systems is to think of them as giant vacuum cleaners. Essentially, the system creates a suction effect that causes the airflow to pull contaminated air through the ducts and into the system. These systems are incredibly important for health and safety purposes. Industrial dust collection systems protect the health of workers, the condition of the workplace, and the wellbeing of the atmosphere.

3 Benefits of Industrial Dust Removal

  1. The collection system protects the atmosphere by not allowing harmful toxins to be released into the air.
  2. The condition of the workplace is safeguarded because free roaming pollutants can have damaging effects on equipment and even cause explosions.
  3. The health of workers is shielded because consistent exposure to harmful impurities in the air can be extremely hazardous to one’s health.

Quality industrial dust extraction is essential for your workplace. Metalworking, whether it is welding or cutting, generates a ton of harmful chemicals that are released into the air and must be addressed. To ensure the harmful dust and fumes are being taken care of properly in your industrial workplace, you will want to invest in quality dust extraction equipment.

Imperial Systems offers top of the line industrial dust extraction equipment. Our collection systems have the highest efficiency rating in the industry and our cartridge filters have the longest lasting filter life.

For metal working industrial processes, we recommend our CMAXX Dust and Fume Collector. This system meets all EPA and OSHA safety standards, is built with heavy-gauge construction, can be tailored to fit right into your current operation, and comes with a no leaks guarantee!

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