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Imperial Systems Effective Solutions for How to Isolate a Deflagration

Don’t choose a sub-standard product to isolate a deflagration. Save time and money by choosing the right arrester first from Imperial Systems.

When making a purchase decision in the metalworking industry, you must take into consideration both the quality of the product being purchased as well as the effectiveness and safety for the end-user–your employees. Today’s advances in dust collection systems have lessened replacement costs and injury or death due to faulty equipment.

isolate a deflagrationYou may already know that Imperial Systems prides itself on engineering outstanding, high quality products to keep buyer’s employees and businesses safe from dust collection and air pollution. With the current competitive economic environment, it’s imperative for businesses in the metalworking industry to focus more on a dust collection system that lasts a long time.

Together with our CMAXX Dust Collection System, our DeltaMaxx IDA (In-Line Deflagration Arrester) Cartridge filters have brought breakthrough safety features that offer exceptional protection to isolate a deflagration.

How To Isolate A Deflagration With Imperial: Quality You Can Rely On

Regardless of types, all flame arresters operate on the same principle: removing heat from the flame as it attempts to travel through narrow passages constructed of metal or other heat-conductive materials.

Our DeltaMAXX IDA filters are installed in your dust collection system to inhibit flames from progressing through them, thus assuring that you’ll isolate a deflagration.  IDA filter applications protect systems which collect and/or filter gases emitted by liquids and solids. If an combustion occurs, a flame inside or outside of the system could result, with the potential to do disastrous damage.

Fortunately, a quality, new flame arrestor standard has been introduced by Imperial Systems to isolate a deflagration. Our advanced safety features have arrived, and with the use of IDA DeltaMAXX filters explosion risks are reduced significantly. In all testing situations, each filter was able to isolate the flammable dust and completely stop a flame front without fail every time.

The Imperial Systems Difference

Imperial Systems primary advantage is our investment and dedication to technology at the forefront of the industry. For those in the metalworking business hoping to increase profits, one of the best long-term strategies is through the investment in the highest quality equipment. The hazard of dust, fumes, sparks, and machine malfunctioning cause risks not only to safety but also profits.

When you choose the DeltaMAXX IDA Filter from Imperial Systems, you choose certified technology which has made innovative advances through the extinguishing of dangerous and non-isolated flame. Investing in the best technology for your business makes financial sense and safety sense when you need a product that will isolate a deflagration and protect your employees.

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