Helping Your Shop Meet NFPA Dust Control Standards


Who knew that making things could ever make so much dust?  In the manufacturing world, metalworking and carpentry are two notorious sources of dust.  Even as you and your team work to create your products, particulates pile up in the air and on every available service in the shop.  More than just a messy nuisance, this dust can become a lurking, combustible threat. It can even cause health problems in those who are repeatedly exposed.  In order to keep your shop and those who work within it safe, you need a solution that will meeting NFPA dust control standards and get the job done.

NFPA Dust ControlOne option for this is a cartridge dust collection system.  These work by first intaking the air that is filled with unpleasant and potentially harmful dust.  The dust is then separated from the air through a pulsing filtration system.  Dust falls down into the hopper below, safely collected, while clean air is returned to the shop.  When looking at such systems, it is important to find one that is compliant with NFPA dust control regulations; otherwise, you may simply be relocating the danger instead of resolving it.

Imperial Systems, a Pennsylvania based industrial dust collection equipment company, specializes in just such solutions.  Not only are they NFPA dust control compliant, but systems like the CMAXX Dust Collector System offer one of the best values on the market. Using the advanced technology of Nanofibers and an upright cartridge design, more dust drops into the hopper then gets embedded in the filters, leading to cleaner air and a longer filter life.  They can last up to twice as long as the industry standard!  With cleaner, safer air for less cost and hassle, it’s no wonder that metalworking and carpentry-based businesses have been turning to Imperial Systems for years.

Dust in the shop is a challenge, but you don’t need to deal with it alone.  Contact Imperial Systems today for help maintaining a safe and healthy shop for less.

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