Imperial: A Professional Dust Collector Company that Offers Variety


As a professional dust collector company, Imperial Systems designs and manufactures a variety of products. Of course, we offer high quality dust collection systems. In fact, we manufacture five different types of systems. First is the CMAXX Dust Collector System, which boasts the highest efficiency and longest filter life in the industry. Those top statistics are shared with our CMAXX Laser and Plasma Fume Extraction System, which is constructed with PD technology for supreme cleaning functioning.professional dust collector company

Then there are our big and robust systems that are built with strong welds and sturdy construction. The BRF Baghouse Dust Collector and the SCF Dust Collector are built for reliability and endurance.

Next is our Cyclone Dust Collectors, which come in a variety of efficiency levels. You can choose between our standard efficiency, high efficiency, and ultra high efficiency Cyclone Dust Collectors depending on the application in your workplace.

All of that is just our dust collection systems options. We also manufacture a variety of other products such as cartridge filters, ductwork, airlocks, and valves, among others. All of these pieces of equipment can serve a number of applications within an industrial workplace. Whether you cut wood or metal, work with food or fiberglass, Imperial Systems has the products necessary for the collection of dust on the job.

With such a large variety of products and applications, you can be sure to get what you need from Imperial. You can also be sure that what you get will be a quality piece of equipment. Compared to other professional dust collector companies, Imperial Systems offers the most products with the highest efficiency in the industry.

We are a professional dust collector company, which means we hold professional level standards for our work. To experience our commitment to excellence, contact us for all of your dust collection needs!

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