Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Your Dust Collection System With a Quality Dust Collection Filter


The efficiency and safety of your dust collection system is only as efficient and safe as it’s cartridge filter.  Having a highly capable dust collection system is a step in the right direction, but that highest quality dust collection system will fail without a quality dust collection filter.  

quality dust collection filterThe performance of your cartridge filter determines the safety of your dust collector system, and the safety of those in the metalworking business.  When there’s a breakdown in the cartridge filter, that’s when combustible dust becomes an issue. The key is to keep those working in the metalworking industry safe from fumes, combustible dust, sparks, and smoke. The DeltaMAXX  dust collection filter is capable of providing efficiency, safety, and savings.

What Gives DeltaMAXX Dust Collection Filters The Advantage?

  • Our DeltaMaxx Cartridge filters have a MERV 15 rating.

  • Our nanofibers are 50% smaller than other cartridge filters in the industry. This allows our filter to stop submicron particles from embedding into the nanofiber beneath the media. This means we have the most advanced Nanofiber technology in the industry!

  • Our DeltaMAXX cartridge filters are compatible with all major brands of industrial  dust collection systems.

  • Another industry best is our surface loading technology which allows longer filter life by enhanced dust cake release.

  • During the metalworking process, the dust accumulates on the surface of the nanofibers where it’s easily pulsed off. This gives the advantage of less pulse cleaning.

At Imperial Systems, we believe in the value of the metalworking business, and that’s why we strive to be the quality dust collection manufacturing business in North America. Contact us today at 800.918.3013, and experience the advantage of our DeltaMaxx Cartridge Filters.

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