Quality Dust Collector Replacement Cartridge Filters Are Here


Are you in the metalworking industry, and tired of changing out your filters as often as you do to keep up their performance? Fortunately for you, Imperial Systems has the quality dust collector replacement cartridge filters you need.

Our DeltaMAXX replacement cartridge filters are the top in the industry. With our innovative Nanofiber technology you can’t find a better filter at a better price, anywhere else!

quality dust collector replacement cartridge filtersWhat Sets DeltaMAXX Apart

Our DeltaMAXX filters are not like the rest of them. In a case study done in facility that produces some of the largest lead-based products in the nation, found our product to be exceptional compared to what they have ever had.

The cartridge filters they had used before our DeltaMAXX filters would overheat in the dust collector, and cause chunks of the media to fall off – causing the media to melt inside of the filter after using for just a few months. That is when Imperial Systems stepped in with our DeltaMAXX filters.

This client is beyond satisfied with our product as they have been purchasing since 2012. They are impressed with our quality of filter, cost per unit, filter durability and the quick response of our team here at Imperial Systems.

The specs of our DeltaMAXX filters include:

  • High Initial Efficiency: Average filters need time to warm up in order to perform at their peak, but not DeltaMAXX filters.
  • Easier cleaning: The tight-knit surface level collects dust which stays on top of the filter, instead of penetrating through. This saves time and energy during the cleaning process.
  • Longer Filter Life: Our Nanofiber technology allows just one filter to be sufficient for a longer period of time, meaning less money spent on replacement filters and less time spent replacing filters.
  • Customization: Our filters come in all shapes and sizes – regardless of the dust collection system you are using.

Would you like more information on our quality dust collector replacement cartridge filters? Just visit our website or contact us at 1-800-918-3013.

Quality Dust Collector Replacement Cartridge Filters | Quality Dust Collection Replacement Cartridge Filters