Invest in the Best Replacement Air Filters for Your Dust Collectors


Controlling the dust in your workplace is crucial to the health and safety of your employees, especially in manufacturing facilities where the byproducts of cutting metal, fiberglass, and working with various chemicals might pose a serious health risk. Even if you are using the most advanced industrial dust collection system, there are still some steps you should go through regularly in order to ensure that your dust collectors are working properly and efficiently. One of the most important things to consider on a regular basis is the condition of your filters. And, of course, remember to order your replacement air filtersin a timely manner.replacement air filters

At Imperial Systems, one of the services we provide for our clients is a courtesy check in to make sure your dust collection systems are operating smoothly and to their full potential. We understand that at times, your company will go through an especially busy and hectic season, and in those times, it is easy to forget about ordering your replacement air filters. Even though our DeltaMAXX Cartridge Filters have a superior life expectancy, and the cleaning system built into your dust collector helps to extend the life of your filter even further, you can still run into problems if you forget to change them when the time comes. Protect your employees as well as your machinery by ordering your replacement filters before the air quality in your facility becomes compromised.

Why Use DeltaMAXX Replacement Air Filters?

Our DeltaMAXX filters have a state-of-the-art, NanoFiber technology with a 99.9% efficiency in .3 to .5 micron particulate filtration and a MERV 15 rating – the best in the industry. They typically last twice as long as other industrial dust collector filters, and the NanoFibers make it easier for your system’s internal cleaning device to pulse dust out of the filter, saving energy and preserving the integrity of the filter. Hiring a third party to clean your filters is not recommended, as it will void the emission statement, and it is not cost effective when compared to simply ordering your replacement air filters in a timely manner and on a regular schedule.

Contact Imperial Systems today to order your replacement filters or to learn more about the DeltaMAXX advantage.

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