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Imperial Systems manufactures and offers a wide variety of dust collection products including replacement air filters. As a replacement air filters company, we take pride in our filters that surpass the competition. One of the main factors behind the success of our filters is their vertical cartridge design. While most other replacement air filters companies design filters with a horizontal design, Imperial Systems offers vertical filters because of the many benefits they bring to your dust collection system.replacement air filters company

First of all, the vertical design works with the flow of gravity rather than against it, which means the filter gets an extra energy boost. The result is that the filter is completely used. Horizontal filters tend to collect debris, which usually means that only up to eighty percent of the filter is actually put to use. Because of this, the vertical design allows for a much more efficient and clean dust collector system. An additional benefit of the vertical design is that it only necessitates one connection point, which ultimately lowers the chance of leaks.

On top of the very beneficial vertical design, Imperial Systems’ cartridge filters are manufactured with nanofiber technology. This is the most advanced technology used for filter manufacturing, which allows our filters to have the longest filter life in the industry.

If all of this is not enough to convince you of the superiority of our replacement air filters, take a look at our customer reviews or case studies. Our customers are always satisfied with the equipment and service they receive from Imperial Systems.

As a replacement air filters company, we take our air filters very seriously. We understand that the quality of our products can make the difference between a safe and efficient workplace and a workplace that is plagued with dust issues. We understand the significance of our work for the wellbeing of your work. Thus, your success is our success.

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