In Seed Processing Dust Collection Is a Must


In the world of seed processing, unchecked dust accumulation can pose a major problem.  For example,a recent study found agricultural seed dust to be a potential cause of organic dust toxic syndrome.  Even apart from extreme cases like this, proper seed processing dust collection equipment is necessary to ensure the overall safety and wellbeing of your workspace and employees.  Proper dust management plays a significant role in preventing health problems from long term exposure as well as curbing the danger of combustion. Imperial Systems can help you establish an efficient system to keep your team safe.seed processing dust collection

Imperial Systems has a number of different seed processing dust collection systems available, which can be customized to fit the particular work and space of your manufacturing site.  One great option is the CMAXX Dust Collector System.  Designed with revolutionary PD technology for maximum cleaning performance, this is one of the highest performing systems on the market.  With more filter media than other systems of the same size and a greater internal area, creating greater efficiency and longer lasting filters.  Our vertical cartridge design further ensures a longer filter life, meaning that you get great protection, without the added cost or labor of frequent filter replacement.

When you work with Imperial Systems for your seed processing dust collection needs, you get more than just the best products on the market.  You will also receive the highest level of customer service.  Instead of the impersonal service you may find with larger companies, Imperial Systems’ service representatives offer expert consultations, working tirelessly to find or design the solution you need to fit your space and work.  With every project, we are dedicated to the outstanding quality, safety, and value you deserve.

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