Imperial Systems Quality Sheet Metal Work Beats The Other Guys


Imperial Systems has provided quality sheet metal work since 2001, long before our highly demanded industrial dust collectors. We pride ourselves in the effort we put forth in our sheet metal work and provide you with not only our highly efficient dust collecting systems, but also quality custom ducts and fittings. Here are 4 reasons why our company is set apart from the other guys.sheet metal work

  1. Custom ducts and fittings. Not every plant is the same, from metalworking to food processing, there are different products for different needs, and sometimes the product you need isn’t available in any catalog. This is a major factor that separates Imperial Systems from other companies. They provide quality custom sheet metal ducts and fittings that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
  2. Well worth the value. Thanks to our testimonials from our clients, Imperial Systems has been known for delivering quality products and expert service at a great price.
  3. Quality customer service. One of our biggest goals is not only to provide you with excellent equipment and product, but to provide you with genuine customer service that will turn a run-of-the-mill purchase/installation into a healthy business relationship that your company can grow with and depend on.
  4. Stress-free installation. Having a company come in and install new equipment can sometimes be very stressful. You are worried about the timetable and how this will affect the rest of the plant. Here at Imperial Systems we are quick, efficient and hassle free. Time is money and our goal is to help keep money in your pocket.

“I’m looking for something that’s going to take care of my employees, take care of my issues with the environment and at the same time, be cost effective to the operation. When choosing Imperial, I think that we’ve been able to meet all of those standards, hands down, well worth the value.” – Brian H.

For more reasons on why you should choose us for your metalworking needs, check out our testimonials page. Give Imperial Systems a call and let us provide you with a free quote so we can help you save money today!

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