Spark Traps: Why They are Worth the Investment


Spark traps, known by Imperial Systems as spark arrestors, are a crucial accessory to every metalworker. Spark traps can, however, be overlooked by metalworkers due to their inconsistency, cost and complexity. An ineffective or entire lack of a proficient spark arrestor and collecting system leads to an increased risk in danger associated with the line of work. Without them, sparks can reach the main component, where dust and flammable materials fill the air.

spark trapsAt Imperial Systems, we offer top of the line dust collecting systems and arrestors to effectually trap sparks before reaching your dust collector. The CMAXX Laser and Plasma Fume Extraction System has provided a solution to countless metalworkers. The fact is, our system provides a simple, cost-efficient and effective method for removal of sparks.

The Difference of Imperial Systems Spark Traps

The CMAXX Laser and Plasma Fume Extraction System delivers the most modern solution. It’s simple to install and manage, just plug it in and push start. All of our products, including our sparking arrestors, meet both the NFPA and OSHA guidelines and standards.

  •      A simple installation: Our unique sparking trap system does not require upkeep from their providers, meaning they are hassle-free in addition to being simple to install and pre-wired. With tool-free filter access and change out, they do not require any moving parts or additional welding.
  •      Optional sizes and features: You can choose between a carbon and stainless steel finish. In addition, you can choose to include raw inlets, outlet edges, an integrated HEPA after filter, and more to your spark traps!
  •      Customized fit: With both horizontal and vertical configuration options, an Imperial system arrestor can be aligned to your collector without fail.

Your workplace safety should always remain a priority, but does not have to be a stressful process with a long-lasting and simple spark trap system and spark arrestor that prevent unnecessary fires and explosions. To find out more about our own spark arrestors, give us a call at 1-800-918-3013.

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