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In perhaps the most basic of layman’s terms, a dust collection system is essentially a giant vacuum cleaner. Of course, the analogy is not completely accurate because there are some significant differences between a dust collector and the vacuum in your closet. However, based on that comparison, the hose is to a vacuum what ductwork is to a dust collector. Like a vacuum hose, ducts draw contaminated air from your work space and into the dust collector. superior duct fabrication

With this understanding of the job of ductwork in dust collecting, you realize the importance of outstanding duct fabrication. Ducts play a vital role of your dust collection system, and thus superior duct fabrication is desired for optimum execution of a dust collector.

Dust collection ductwork is divided into two main categories. The first category is ductwork that is made up of flexible rubber or plastic. This type of ductwork is typically not sufficient for industrial-grade equipment.

The second types of dust collection ducts are, however, used for most industrial applications. That type is the hard, fixed ductwork that is usually made up of steel or very hard plastic. When it comes to industrial workplaces, you will almost always find metal ductwork because it reduces dangers having to do with static buildup.

On top of our superior dust collector manufacturing, Imperial Systems is also known for our superior duct fabrication. Ductwork is a key part of dust collection, thus we make sure we offer quality ducting. We offer a variety of pipes and elbows ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty depending on the application.

You know about our expertise when it comes to the design and manufacturing of dust collectors, but you can also rest assured in our expertise regarding custom sheet metal ductwork. You can trust in Imperial Systems for superior duct manufacturing and installation.

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