Metalworkers Agree that the CMAXX™ System is the Top Dust Collector


If you’re in the metalworking business, you know that there are dangerous dusts and fumes that are created all the time. And without proper protection, they can become a huge hazard. If not by combustion, they can be a major health hazard without the proper filtration. And you don’t want to use shoddy old systems that won’t properly filter out the dust and particulates. If you’re looking for the top dust collector, you may want to consider the CMAXX™ Dust Collector System from Imperial Systems.

top dust collectorImperial Systems has been in the business for nearly 15 years, providing excellent service and top-notch dust collection systems. And we stand by our CMAXX™ System, that has the best cleaning efficiency and offers the longest filter life in the industry! We also carry other great products such as the BRF Baghouse and Cyclone Dust Collectors, as well as DeltaMAXX™ Cartridge Filters.

Clean, Safe Air, Brought to You By the Best Dust Collector

There are many reasons why the CMAXX™ Dust Collector System will benefit your plant! It uses PD Technology for maximum cleaning performance and has 10% more filter media than other competing cartridge collectors. Its internal area offers 20% more buffer so that more dust falls into the hopper for better filtration.

Some big updates are the new certification for IDA (In-line Deflagration Arrestor), and a new roof design! Here are some reasons that the CMAXX™ is the top dust collector in the market:

  1. Space Saving – Low Profile Design, Small Footprint
  2. Vertical Cartrige Design – Longer Filter Life
  3. Best in Class – Internal Velocities are 20% Lower
  4. Military Grade Door Latches. No Truck Trailer Hardware.
  5. 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The unit’s slanted inlet design prevents water build-up, particulate and dust are more evenly distributed, and there are no external bolts that could rust, corrode, break, or leak. And coupled with the DeltaMAXX™  Replacement Cartridge Filters, you’ve got the top dust collector for your business.

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