4 Reasons DeltaMAXX™ Holds Steady as Top Dust Collector Replacement Filters


We at  Imperial Systems proudly promote our DeltaMAXX™ filters as the top dust collector replacement filters on the market, but what makes us so confident?  What measurements do we use to elevate our filters above the rest?  Here is just a short list of what to expect from our DeltaMAXX™ filters as compared to other brands:

Energy and Cost Efficiency

top dust collector replacement filtersMany dust collectors lose efficiency as they fill, often beginning to expel fine dust at levels only around half full. The CMAXX™ dust collector uses DeltaMAXX™ top dust collector replacement filters to create a multi-stage dust collection system. With several filter cartridges in place, it collects more dust and micron particles than other systems, even when the initial stage filter is full. Multi-stage filters allow equipment to continue running while the filters are being changed, preventing any disruption in air quality. All of these features add up to reduced energy consumption, lower operating costs, and a healthier bottom line for your business.

Versatility across Many Applications

Single-stage dust collection systems can only be used in limited production scenarios, but CMAXX™ dust collectors with DeltaMAXX™ top dust collector replacement filters offer a wide range of applications from pharmaceuticals to food to metalworking.  Because we are committed to providing the best solutions for the most customers, we manufacture these filters to match most makes and models of cartridge dust collectors. The performance of any system can be enhanced by a simple choice to upgrade to DeltaMAXX™ filters.

Low Maintenance Requirements

As other dust collection systems reach capacity, their ability to catch fine particulates diminishes. In addition, cleaning their filters can be difficult and time-consuming, demanding up to two hours with two workers in dust masks for safety. Conversely, the DeltaMAXX™ top dust collector replacement filters are removable; one worker can simply replace all of the filters simultaneously, a process usually accomplished in less than one hour – more time saved for your facility’s productivity and profitability.

More DeltaMAXX™ Features and Advantages

DeltaMAXX™ top dust collector replacement filters deliver the longest filter life, the cleanest air quality, and the greatest cost savings for our customers through:

  • MERV 15 filtration efficiency – a superior grade in the Industry
  • 99% Efficiency . 5-.5 Micron – highest quality pleated media.
  • Extended filter life – up to twice as long as competitors’
  • The most advanced nanofiber technology on the market
  • The industry’s best surface loading technology

DeltaMAXX™ Dust Collector Cartridge Filters are available for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors.  In addition to providing superior products, Imperial Systems also provides some of the best service in the industry.  From expert representatives dedicated to solving your dust collection problems to fast shipping and handling, we help you get what you need to keep your manufacturing processes going smoothly.

For more information, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013.

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