Do You Need A Virtual Airflow Calculator?


In the metalworking industry, you take a lot of precautionary steps to ensure the safety of your employees, your workshop, and your products.  In addition to personal safety devices such as welding masks, ventilators, and safety gloves, you also need to have bigger systems in place to address some of the most significant threats to safety in the shop: dust and fumes.  Large scale industrial dust and fume collection systems go a long way to prevent inhalation of these noxious substances as well as to reduce the risk of combustible dust explosions.  If you have not already invested in the safety of your business through this sort of equipment, it is time to find out how the virtual airflow calculator from Imperial Systems can help you take that next step.

virtual airflow calculatorThe smoke produced by welding can be a particular problem for many shops.  So, our virtual airflow calculator is designed to give metalworking shops like yours the volume of air in a given enclosure and calculate it into CFM (cubic feet per minute) with a given number of air changes per hour. A typical ambient weld smoke system should be anywhere from 8 to 12 ACH depending upon the amount of welding throughout the shift.  However, when you are calculating the number of air changes per hour, be sure to consider the application and amount of smoke or fume to be removed.  In order to make the most informed decision in this situation, it helps to contact a professional to help.

With the help of a professional from Imperial Systems and our virtual airflow calculator, you can select the exact dust collection system that will be best suited for your work environment.  This way, you get the protection you need in the most efficient system possible.

For more information about our airflow calculator, or to talk with a professional Imperial Systems Sales engineer, contact us today at 800.918.3013.

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