Looking for More Efficient Air Pollution Control Filters?


Air pollution is a significant problem at a global level, but it is often addressed at the level of individual businesses like yours.  When noxious particles are released into the air, an unfortunately inevitable side-effect of most manufacturing, they pose dangers in your workspace and beyond.  So, it is important to find the right solution to control the problems of dust, fumes, and other air pollutants.air pollution control filters

When it comes to air pollution control, the filters you choose are just as important as the system into which you install them. Some filters offer minimal cleaning and need to be maintained or replaced regularly… others are hard to access or end up being more of a drain on time and resources than a solution.  However, when you turn to air pollution control filters designed by people who specialize in dust collection equipment, you can look forward to a significantly different experience.

Imperial Systems offers the longest filter life and cleanest air with the DeltaMAXX Dust Collection Cartridge Filters.  These air pollution control filters are made with advanced NanoFiber Technology, making them easier to clean and thus significantly longer lasting.  These have up to twice the filter life of industry standards.  The filters also go above and beyond in filtration efficiency, for which they were rated the best in the industry.  One of the best parts is that these high-performing and cost-effective filters can be used with all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors, so you don’t have to replace your whole system.

With the cleanest air, longest lifespan, and most significant savings, it is no wonder that the DeltaMAXX Dust Collection Cartridge Filters, as well as Imperial Systems’ other air pollution control filters and systems, consistently exceed client expectations.  For more information, or to learn how Imperial Systems’ equipment can be custom fit for your business’s needs, contact us today.

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