Blog: Imperial Systems Approach to Dust Collection


When you’re choosing a cartridge dust filters for your dust collector, there are several factors to consider. You’re obviously considering price. You probably know, though, that cheaper is not always better. Filters that don’t last and don’t perform well aren’t a bargain no matter how cheap they are. We’ve worked with companies who ran into exactly that problem, and they found our DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters to be a great solution.

DeltaMAXX replacement cartridge dust filters

APPLICATION: Community College Welding Program

PROBLEM: Very tight budget, fume leaks

SOLUTION: As a community college, this customer didn’t have much money to spend on cartridge dust filters for their weld fume collector. They had tried other filters in the past, but they weren’t lasting as long as they needed them to. Also, they had issues with poorly made, cheap filters letting fumes blow back out of the collector.

After installing DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters, they were very satisfied with the results. They have experienced no issues with the filters letting fumes escape. And to ease the budget crunch, the new filters are lasting much longer than their previous ones, saving them money.


APPLICATION: Lead Products

PROBLEM: Filters overheating and falling apart

SOLUTION: Lead dust is a tough application for any filter, and because lead is so toxic there’s no room for cheap filters that fail. That’s exactly what was happening to this company, though. Within months of purchasing their cartridge dust filters from the manufacturer, they were overheating and falling apart, with the inner metal grate melting and chunks of filter media falling off the filters.

The customer started using DeltaMAXX filters, and found that they were much better quality than the previous ones. They last much longer, have none of the problems with overheating or falling apart, and as a bonus they are cheaper than the original ones. Since lead dust is such a demanding application, DeltaMAXX nanofiber’s very high efficiency (MERV 15) makes sure that air quality compliance isn’t an issue.

DeltaMAXX cartridge dust filters with overbags

APPLICATION: Blasting and Polishing

PROBLEM: Very high dust volume, filter failure

SOLUTION: Running blasting equipment sixteen hours a day takes a toll on dust collector filters. This customer was changing their cartridge dust filters at least three times a year. That meant that at least three times a year all the blasting equipment had to be down while filters got changed, hurting production.

Since purchasing DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters, the company has reduced filter changes (and associated down time) to less than once a year. The customer is very pleased with the improvement, and also with the significant cost savings. Not only do the filters hold up to the abuse of 16 hour days, but they do it for up to four times as long.


APPLICATION: Powder Coating

PROBLEM: Static Buildup and Sparking

SOLUTION: This small business owner knew he had a major safety issue when static buildup inside his dust collector started to ignite powder inside the collector. Grounding the collector didn’t solve the problem, but Imperial Systems was able to step in with specialized filters that did the job.

A specially coated spunbond DeltaMAXX filter with a ground wire eliminated the issue of static buildup in the collector. With cartridge dust filters designed for even very specific applications, we could step in and offer the customer exactly what he needed. He’s very satisfied and confident that his employees and his shop are now safe from dust fires.

Cartridge dust filters are used in as many different applications as you can imagine. There’s one thing they all have in common, though: the filters have to be efficient, long-lasting, and fit in the budget. No company wants to waste money on failing filters, excessive down time from changing filters all the time, or paying higher prices. DeltaMAXX filters offer many companies a solution to all of these problems. Find out what others in your industry already know and talk to your Imperial Systems customer service person today.